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Gary Corseri and Adam Engel

About Gary Corseri and Adam Engel

Gary Corseri has taught in US public schools and prisons, and at US and Japanese universities. His prose and poems have appeared at DissidentVoice, L.A. Progressive, CounterPunch, The New York Times, The Village Voice, Redbook Magazine, and hundreds of other periodicals and websites worldwide. His dramas have been produced on Atlanta-PBS, and he has performed his work at the Carter Presidential Library and Museum. He has published books of poetry, the “Manifestations” literary anthology (edited), and the novels, “A Fine Excess” and “Holy Grail, Holy Grail.” He can be contacted at

Adam Engel is a publishing phenomenon, the likes of which have not been seen since Salinger, Hemingway and Danielle Steele. His books have sold in the dozens of copies worldwide. Sales are projected to top THREE DIGITS by decade's end. He can be reached at