Georgianne Nienaber

georgianne-nienaber-14Georgianne Nienaber is an investigative and political writer. She lives in rural northern Minnesota, New Orleans and South Florida. Her articles have appeared in The Society of Professional Journalists' Online Quill Magazine, The Ugandan Independent, Rwanda's New Times, India's TerraGreen, COA News, ZNET, OpEdNews, Glide Magazine, The Journal of the International Primate Protection League, Africa Front, The United Nations Publication, A Civil Society Observer, Bitch Magazine, and Zimbabwe's The Daily Mirror.

What Would Chief Hole in the Day Do?

Chief Hole in the Day

Georgianne Nienaber: As a member of the white community and also someone who has worked very hard and with conviction to support treaty rights, I am concerned that much accumulated goodwill could be erased.

“We Are Enbridge and We Don’t Go Around Anything”

Enbridge Energy

Dedicated to American Indian activist and environmentalist Winona LaDuke, who is recovering from an accidental fall from a horse on Thursday, with a fractured pelvis. Winona suffered her injuries preparing for the Love Water Not Oil pipeline ride. She vows to be at the next meeting with her walker! We were discussing this article hours […]

Big Oil in Indian Country

Big Oil in Indian Country

Georgianne Nienaber: Point of view is everything. Whether one is referring to the crafts of of screenwriting, poetry, or journalism, the eye of the storyteller is a window to a previously unobserved universe. The art of “telling” embodies spiritual responsibility. I learned this lesson while delivering hay.

Compassion for the Wild Horses of North Dakota

North Dakota Wild Horses

Georgianne Nienaber: The bottom line is that horses are social animals with a very complicated hierarchical network that is especially susceptible to disruption. Sudden culling is an immediate and profound assault on social cohesion.

Virunga National Park Warden Shot


Georgianne Nienaber: Virunga National Park’s Chief Warden, Emmanuel de Merode, was shot in a roadside ambush as he was driving from Goma to Rumangabo in the Democratic Republic of Congo.