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Harvey Wasserman

Harvey “Sluggo” Wasserman

Harvey “Sluggo” Wasserman’s radio show are Green Power & Wellness podcast at 2-3pm Eastern time Thursdays, and California Solartopia broadcast at KPFK-Pacifica 90.7FM Los Angeles, Thursdays 6:30-7pm Pacific time.

His 20 books include SOLARTOPIA! Our Green-Powered Earth, Harvey Wasserman’s History of the US, A Glimpse of the Big Light: Losing Parents, Finding Spirit and The Life & Death Spiral of US History: From Deganawidah to the Trumpocalypse to Rebirth, all at With Bob Fitrakis he’s co-authored six books on election protection including The Strip & Flip Disaster of America’s Stolen Elections. He’s also about solarizing LA, and would be glad to hear about your roof.