Hasira Ashemu

hasiraHasira Ashemu is a prolific writer, speaker, progressive social activist, and communications professional with more than 20 years of experience as an award-winning columnist and radio/television journalist. Hasira also lived in Ghana, West Africa for over ten years working in the non-profit and governmental sectors as a communication specialist. Currently, Hasira is the producer of two-online publications and a syndicated TV show by the same name Soul Progressive. He is a Howard University Alum and single father of 3.

5 Progressive Actions for 2015

Taking Progressive Action

Hasira Asheuma: 2015 promises to be a critical year on the progressive battlefront as many wedge issues are already at a fever pitch. Here are 5 key issues that all progressives should be keeping an eye on and getting involved with in 2015.

Can the Labor Movement Save Its Soul?

john henry

Hasira Ashemu: If labor cannot utilize everything in its toolkit to turn the tide, then it and the aspirations of millions of black, brown, yellow, red and yes, white people will be tragically marginalized.

Labor at a Crossroads

cio poster

Hasira Ashemu: The people who fight to undo worker’s rights and assault unions are often the very same folks who craft laws and policies that allowed Trayvon Martin’s killer to walk free, that disenfranchise black voters and expand the use of racial profiling.