James Rhodes

jim rhodesJames Rhodes is a Vietnam veteran from Alabama who writes about politics and modern day Vietnam.

What Veterans Really Get

Veterans Memorial Day

James Rhodes: From the inception of this great nation, deceased veterans have been revered as fallen heroes while, on the other hand, living veterans, in many cases, have been shortchanged and discounted.

Vietnam 40 Years On


James Rhodes: To celebrate the 40th anniversary of Vietnam’s reunification, the Academy of Journalism and Communication in Hanoi hosted an international war journalist conference.

How Vietnam Avoids Sweatshop Trap

Vietnam Garco 10

Jim Rhodes: The equipment is well conditioned and safe. There are safety committees and constant skills training. The employees all appeared professional and happy.

Teachers Day in Vietnam: One Big Deal

Vietnamese Honor Students

Jim Rhodes: From the time of pre-school, Vietnamese children are taught that teachers are “second parents.” This is an integral part of the national psyche; to act or think otherwise is truly sacrilegious.

As Vietnam Evolves

Vietnam Evolves

Jim Rhodes: The one striking difference between American news coverage of Obama and Vietnamese news coverage of Obama is that there seems to be more complete and unbiased coverage of the President here in Hanoi.

America’s Arab Spring


American Arab Spring — If you knew your time remaining on this plane of existence were limited, would you change?

Time to Stop the Insanity


Jim Rhodes: This unnecessary Republican-induced shutdown has cost the tax payer billions of dollars; but, the Republicans keep reminding us they are the party dedicated to fiscal responsibility.

Seized for “Inactivity”

fighting death

Jim Rhodes: As for stealing bank accounts for “inactivity,” that has to be a new moral low-even for Washington. Apparently robbing unsuspecting elderly is not enough, now the banking industry wants children’s college funds as well?

Linda Le Kinff: Off to the Races


James Rhodes: Perhaps it is her wildly colorful style or the exaggerated use of glowing women and hidden cats or maybe it has something to do with the tranquility of her work that connects with the “common man” — certainly an artist of the people.

When Teachers Are Valued

hanoi graduates

James Rhodes: In Hanoi, university staff are poorly paid, yet theirs is a lasting bond among nation, family, individual, university and teacher.