Courage on Cuba at Last


Jim Fuller: The major lesson I brought home from that intense reporting experience was that the U.S. trade embargo and accompanying policies were profoundly stupid and counterproductive.

What God Said to Bachmann (or Not)


Jim Fuller: Anyone seriously trying to understand the Bachmann phenomenon –- we’ll leave the almost as illegitimate Sarah Palin out of this for now –- has to ask why the national “news” media have created it.

Desperately Needed: A New Political Party

Senator Amy Klobuchar

Jim Fuller: Corporations and the very wealthy get everything they want from Democrats, though it may take just a little bit longer than when Republicans control everything. They pretend it’s otherwise (wink wink, nudge nudge) so that traditional Democratic voters can go on pretending there is a big difference.

Bank on Them to Do You Dirt


Jim Fuller: The big banks that, with the help of other financial institutions and federal and state “regulators,” caused the near collapse of the American economy in 2008 are bigger, richer, more powerful and more arrogant than they were before the near meltdown.

God, Michele Bachmann’s Personal Adviser


Jim Fuller: As Bachmann has made clear on numerous occasions, she is waiting for God to tell her whether to run for president, as He has instructed her, she says, in all other things political. It is not clear why she needs a committee.

Drowning in Hypocrisy

war trade show

Jim Fuller: We have to be the watchdogs, to call the “media” and the politicians on every omission or bending of fact, every substitution of myth for reality. It won’t change the story every time, but if enough people make noise, it does have some positive effect.

Wisconsinites Determined, Obama AWOL

hudson protests

Jim Fuller: Wherever organized labor and the middle class are under serious attack, that’s where Obama (aka The Artful Dodger) isn’t. Not only won’t he go to where the fights are, he won’t even talk about them.

Tea Partiers to Kids: Don’t Get Uppity


Jim Fuller: One of the overlooked questions that nagged at me until very recently is the fact that most of those who have been bamboozled by right wing propaganda seem entirely unconcerned that their children and grandchildren are being priced out of a college education.

Time to Fight Is Now

budget cuts

Jim Fuller: The spectacle of millions of Americans fighting with passion and rage against their own interests, as well as the interests of everyone who isn’t very rich, all but paralyzes many liberals and even sane conservatives.

Wisconsin: Overwhelming Ironies

governor scott walker

Jim Fuller: It’s impossible to think of another situation so utterly bathed in irony as the battle in and about the attack on unions by Wisconsin’s Tea Party millionaire governor, Scott Walker, and other Republicans of his ilk.

Breathe a Sigh of Relief about Egypt

cairo celebrations

Jim Fuller: The nonsense spewers on Fox keep raving about the dangers of the Muslim Brotherhood coming to power. That is so unlikely that only Fox and some of the more extreme Republicans would take the proposition seriously at this point.

Fox: Madness and Sedition

Jim Fuller: Day after day, Beck strides his set at Fox and rants, spit sometimes spraying from his mouth, his puffy face often growing red and his eyes crazily wide, waving his arms and looking and sounding more each week like somebody who is about to crack up before millions of viewers.

Arab Unrest Hopping from Country to Country

Tunisia Unrest

Jim Fuller: It’s a tossup at this moment as to whether the Jordanian and Saudi governments will be thrown out, I think. But what about Yemen and Algeria? No one can say at this point.