Kwazi Nkruma

Kwazi NkrumahKwazi Nkrumah is a nationally respected community organizer and labor activist. He has led campaigns against mortgage foreclosures in Maryland and California and has organized and represented working people – from steel workers in Baltimore to the faculty and librarians of the University of California. In addition to his organizing work, Mr. Nkrumah is well known for his presentations as a political analyst, and is valued for his skills as a consultant for numerous non-profit organizations and as a work-site facilitator in both the public and private sectors.

Foreclosures 101 – Part 4


Kwazi Nkrumah: Overall, Americans are now carrying about $798.3 billion in revolving debt, a type of debt that is almost entirely made up of credit card balances,

Foreclosures 101 – Part 3


Kwazi Nkrumah: Foreclosure Crisis Continues – There are over 3.5 million American households that are over 4 months in arrears in their mortgage payments.

Foreclosures 101 – Part 2

Foreclosure Key

Kwazi Nkrumah: After U.S. housing prices peaked in mid-2006 and began a sharp decline thereafter, refinancing became more difficult.

Foreclosures 101 – Part 1

foreclosures soar

Kwazi Nkrumah: For years the banks, real estate agents and investors in real estate securities on Wall Street were making money hand-over-fist. They did all this while pretending to break from their previous established history of gross discrimination and red-lining against the disproportionately non-white borrowers whose limited financial resources forced them into “sub-prime” status in the first place.