Larry Wines

larry-wines-informalLarry Wines is editor of the Acoustic Americana Music Guide, and a former newspaper political columnist.

Pieces of Cloth

Take Down Confederate Flag

ime for some inconvenient truths. The “Confederate Flag” has not “always been a symbol of hate.” Yes, it is time, in the evolution of our culture, for it to come down. But let’s not allow ourselves to buy into lies as an excuse for taking it down. And we don’t need to get into the […]

Trump In(sanity)

Trump In(sanity) -- Larry Wines

Larry Wines: Over the loud piped-in strains of a song that represents just about everything he flippantly decries, The Donald just announced he is running for the Republican nomination for president. But don’t say, “Yeah, like, who isn’t?”

Climate Change/Chaos/Denial

Climate Denial

Larry Wines: In science, the burden of proof is always on whomever suggests a change in conventional wisdom, or the absence of wisdom that accompanies entrenched assumptions.

Bernie Sanders and an Aberrant Media

MSNBC Attacks Bernie

Larry Wines: Unwarrented labels. Trivializing, defining, ball-and-chain labels, the very labels that the MSNBC show hosts affix to Bernie Sanders with all the epoxy they can conjure, as if (their choice of) these labels were part of his name.

Cyberspying Transcends Everything You Think You Know About It


Larry Wines: How come we are all paying to be spyed on, not by some nefarious government, but by ruthless capitalists who will sell their own grandmother after billing us to feed, house, and clothe her so she is plump and healthy and will fetch a better price?

Austerity and the Amtrak Crash

Amtrak Crash

View image | ithin hours of the deadly Amtrak crash in Philadelphia, the US House of Representatives voted, in committee, to slash another $252 million from Amtrak’s budget – a 15% slash from last year’s funding for Amtrak. This “austerity” craze is insanity. Amtrak set another record for ridership increase in 2014, and an […]

It’s Simple. It’s Rovian. And It’s Back

Karl Rove

Larry Wines: Expect the coming week to bring more unchallenged repetitions by GOP operatives of the latest Rovian assertion – totally devoid of details – that America “can’t afford another four years of these failed liberal economic programs policies.”

April 30th: National Mea Culpa Day?

Vietnam War Anniversary

Larry Wines: So, on April 30th, when we think about the fall of Saigon, we should think about the Tonkin Gulf Resolution that set us on the tragic, bloody road that took us there. And we should think about the arrogant decision to invoke “regime change” in Iraq.