Larry Wines

larry-wines-informalLarry Wines is editor of the Acoustic Americana Music Guide, and a former newspaper political columnist.

Immediacy, Revisionism, and What We Should Remember about Two Days in August

dropping the atom bomb

e see far too many exclamation points these days. From social media’s prolific tufts of sentence-ending triple exclamation points to the hackneyed declarations that everything is somehow “unique,” and by some contorted maze of specifics, “historic.” Most of the time, all we really mean is that something is… peculiar. August 6th is a day when […]

Words, Guns, Terrorists, and Doublespeak

chattanooga shootings

Larry Wines: We are appalled and dumbfounded that our rich nation has million-dollar condos in gentrified buildings rising above gritty urban streets filled with homeless, aimless, lost souls, many of them our damaged and forgotten military veterans.

Media Credibility: They Do It to Themselves

Media Credibility

Larry Wines: With GPS and built-in map programs and instant access to the internet almost everywhere, no one has an excuse to file a story with glaring obvious inaccuracies. And no TV reporter should ever be put on the air to blather disinformation like happened with yesterday’s fire.

If It’s Tuesday, This Must Be Pluto

New Horizons Mission

Larry Wines: Despite the essential shortsightedness and lack of imagination inherent in austerity, can there be anything better than knowing the spirit still abides to go where no one has gone before?

Trump Trumps Truth with Media Help; O’Reilly Orbits Trump’s Star

donald trump racist

View image | e need to look beyond Donald Trump’s doubling-down on his nasty, insensitive, dehumanizing remarks, simply because the worst of those remarks still isn’t being noted. His dog-whistle appeal to the GOP base has brought high-fives in some quarters, but not the GOP establishment. And all that is curiously different this time […]

Human Misery vs. Profits: What’s Happening in Greece

Greek Austerity Vote

Larry Wines: The outcome of Sunday’s referendum by the people of Greece could create an earthquake. It could be the first time that ordinary people say “Oxi,” and “No,” and “Non,” and “Nyet” to the banksters and the 1%ers.

Pieces of Cloth

Take Down Confederate Flag

ime for some inconvenient truths. The “Confederate Flag” has not “always been a symbol of hate.” Yes, it is time, in the evolution of our culture, for it to come down. But let’s not allow ourselves to buy into lies as an excuse for taking it down. And we don’t need to get into the […]

Trump In(sanity)

Trump In(sanity) -- Larry Wines

Larry Wines: Over the loud piped-in strains of a song that represents just about everything he flippantly decries, The Donald just announced he is running for the Republican nomination for president. But don’t say, “Yeah, like, who isn’t?”

Climate Change/Chaos/Denial

Climate Denial

Larry Wines: In science, the burden of proof is always on whomever suggests a change in conventional wisdom, or the absence of wisdom that accompanies entrenched assumptions.