leonard isenbergLeonard Isenberg is a second generation teacher in LAUSD. He graduated from Monroe High School in 1964 with an excellent public school education that has allowed hime to earn three college degrees: BA in European History- UCLA, Doctor of Jurisprudence- Golden Gate University, and a Masters in Education- UCLA. The exceptional education he received as a basis for his later higher education has given him the ability to be successful as a producer in the motion picture business, a professor of comparative law in France, and a social studies teacher at various locations in Los Angeles. His life experience both here and in Europe motivates him to work for the creation of a first rate public education system here in Los Angeles and elsewhere in the United States, which he unequivocally believes is the prerequisite for dealing with the myriad of problems that we presently face as a society.

LAUSD Judgment Day Coming?

LAUSD Judgment Day

Leonard Isenberg: LAUSD’s witch hunt has been about money and has had nothing to do with “child safety” as claimed by both Superintendent Cortines and his predecessor and now Broad Foundation employee John Deasey.

LAUSD: The Buck Stops Where? And When?

LAUSD Judgment Day

Leonard Isenberg: Might it just be that the problem never was the teachers, but rather an entrenched and incestuous bureaucracy, where questioning clearly failed policy continues to be something that can get you fired as an administrator.

Deasy to Cortines: Frying Pan to Fire

John Deasy Resigns

Leonard Isenberg: Only in the long-failed insular culture of LAUSD, that steadfastly refuses to go outside its own incestuous administrative short list comfort zone of “qualified” public education insiders, would a Ray Cortines even be considered.

LAUSD’s John Deasy Disses Parent Group

superintendant john deasy

Leonard Isenberg: What LAUSD has done is to front an alternative group called Parents as Equal Partners that it believes it can control, while arbitrarily and without legal authority disbanding DAC without even minimal guarantees of due process of law.

LAUSD Public School Choice: More Non-Reform

school kids

Leonard Isenberg: What LAUSD says in terms of parent, teacher, and student input is belied by the reality of the clear legal language that again and again say the principal and superintendent maintain absolute control.

Fox News and LAUSD

occupy fox news

Leonard Isenberg: Now since Mrs. Isenberg didn’t have any dummies for children, I wonder what Fox would want from me, since calling me a progressive would be a major understatement.