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Maria Loya

About Maria Loya

Maria joined LAANE in 2001 as director of the Respect at LAX project, working to improve conditions for food service and retail employees. Under Maria’s leadership, LAANE succeeded in requiring McDonald’s at LAX to pay a living wage to its workers and Los Angeles World Airports (LAWA) signed an historic Community Benefits Agreement with the LAX Coalition for Environmental, Economic and Educational Justice. This agreement built a bridge between community residents, labor unions and environmental organizations and secured environmental protections for the surrounding communities. Currently, Maria is the director of LAANE’s Century Blvd andLong Beach Hospitality Projects, which is working to ensure that the Long Beach tourism industry provides good jobs, strengthens communities and offers a fair return on the public’s investment. Maria currently lives in Santa Monica with her husband and their little boy Oscar Emiliano, where she continues her activism in social and environmental justice.