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Mary Ann Cherry

Mary Ann Cherry has a diverse background in network, syndicated, and cable television, including 12 years at Paramount Studios where she worked in almost every department. The last four, she worked in television development for UBU Productions (Family Ties, Duet, Shooter, and others). We developed original programming for network television. She wrote a half-hour episode of Big Brother Jake (“True Lou”) for the Family Channel.

While working her “day job” in the early-to-mid 1980s, she also contributed to the underground art scene in Los Angeles, creating and producing video exhibitions: “Henry Miller on Video” (Llasa Club, 1984), “Stripped,” a video and still photo essay (Gibson Photo Studio, 1986). She has done historical research and produced independent documentaries (On These Shoulders We Stand, 2009; Upstairs Inferno, 2015; The Other Side: A Queer History’s Last Call, 2013).