Maureen Cruise

maureen-cruise-14Maureen Cruise is an RN actively volunteering with California Nurses Association, Director of the LA Chapter of Healthcare for All, Member of the LA Health Care Coalition and the AllCare Alliance. She is a registered GREEN PARTY member since 2011, a Green Shadow Cabinet Member, and a social justice/peace activist participating with groups such as SOAW, CODEPINK, Labor United, Palisadians for Peace, and join several other organizations and causes as needed.

Henry Waxman: Where Is Our Congressman?

Henry Waxman

Maureen Cruise: Whatever ‘liberal Democrat’ Waxman once was, he no longer is. His prepared speeches are nice to hear and the ‘charm’ is palpable. But people’s lives are hanging in the balance and reality lies in votes and legislation, the action and the inaction of his office.