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Max Moran

Max Moran

Max Moran is a Research Assistant at the Revolving Door Project at the Center for Economic and Policy Research

Max Moran is a Research Assistant at the Revolving Door Project. He was previously a communications intern at Americans for Financial Reform, and has interned for several journalism and international advocacy organizations.

Max studied International Relations and Journalism at Brandeis University.

His prior work has included research, writing, and advocacy around financialization, systemic risk, international criminal law, and the role of money in politics.

Tattered Insider Histories of Our Possible Future Ambassadors

Max Moran: Biden is finally getting around to scratching the backs of his friends and allies. This carries weight in D.C. gossip circles, given how well-connected Biden is there. So who made the cut?[Read more...]

By Max Moran posted on May 8, 2021

Biden Administration Faces BlackRock Infiltration

Max Moran: It is critical for Biden to lock the revolving door and commit to public-minded appointees across his executive-branch-to-be.[Read more...]

By Max Moran posted on October 25, 2020

Jared Kushner: Point Man for Private Profiteering on the Coronavirus Response

Max Moran: We have a group of entrepreneurs and investors who all made their money in healthcare secretly managing the federal government’s response to the greatest healthcare crisis in decades.[Read more...]

By Max Moran posted on April 5, 2020