Munir Moon

munir-moonMunir Moon is a social entrepreneur and is a former financial industry executive. He holds a BS in engineering, an MS in economics and an MBA in finance from UCLA. This article is an excerpt from his forthcoming book, "The Beltway Beast: A Challenge to Our Democracy."

Illogical Logic of Our Iraq Policy

Illogical Iraq Policy

Munir Moon: The Beltway Beast is busy scaring the hell out of American people by claiming how lethal the new terrorist groups are – each group being more lethal than the previous one. First, Al-Qaeda was formidable, then ISIS/ISIL and now Khorasan, even though they may only be a few thousand of them.

Understanding Moslems

How to Understand Moslems

Munir Moon: Our leaders do not seem to learn from history or maybe this is how the Beltway wants it; a perpetual war to profit a few at an enormous cost to our children and young soldiers

Intended Consequences of Iraq War

Iraq War Consequences

Munir Moon: Since the American public does not have an appetite for sending any troops to Iraq, American soldiers are being sent there as so-called military advisors. Isn’t this how we got started in Vietnam?

What Drone Technology Has Unleashed


Munir Moon: Al-Qaeda could not have imagined that Washington would be doing its work for them by keeping America in a never-ending state of war and fear while losing our privacy and civil liberties.