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Patrick O'Heffernan

About Patrick O'Heffernan

Patrick O'Heffernan, co-host of Fairness Radio on CyberstationUSA and syndicated in Boston, northern New England, Tampa Bay and Ashland Oregon, is a former Professor of political science and mass media at Georgia Tech and a host of the "Uplinks" media review segment on Saturday All Things Considered on NPR. He holds a PhD in International Relations from MIT, has been awarded an Emmy, four Addy's, and a Webby-Honors, among numerous other awards. He has published 5 books and ghost-written others, including the NYT Business Best-Seller, The E-Myth: Why Most American Businesses Fail and What To Do About It. A project he co-launched, the North Asia Nuclear Free Zone, was nominated for a Nobel Peace Prize in 2005. Patrick has lived and/or worked in over 40 countries and understands and embraces diversity and cooperation – a driving force behind The Fairness Doctrine.