Patty Bellasalma

Patty Bellasalma is the California president of the National Organization for Women.

Ashley Swearengin’s Economic Agenda

Ashley Swearengin 590

Patty Bellasalma: The failure by the Los Angeles Times and the Sacramento Bee to adequately fact check and perform the most rudimentary due diligence in regard to Ashley Swearengin begs the question: why?

California NOW Falls in Behind Eric Garcetti

Eric Garcetti

Patty Bellasalma: We are the National Organization FOR Women not OF women. We fight for gender equity and women and girls’ empowerment. That is the qualifying core value that candidates and members alike must display.

WTF Democrats?


Patty Bellasalma: Rachel Maddow has repeatedly pointed out that Democrats need to stand with public employees and working families but too many of them don’t seem to be listening.