Bobby Shriver: Chamber Made

Bobby Shriver Deceptive Flyer

*+-Peter Dreier: Despite outspending Kuehl with money from big corporations, big developers and his own deep pockets of inherited wealth, Shriver is realizing he can’t outsmart or out-campaign his opponent.

War Over Wages, City by City

War Over Wages, City by City

*+-Peter Dreier: This upsurge in government-mandated wage hikes hasn’t come about suddenly. It is the result of years of both changing conditions, effective grassroots organizing, and changing public views about the poor.

Can Los Angeles Communities Bank on Antonio Villaraigosa?

Villaraigosa Community Bank

*+-Peter Dreier: Los Angeles is littered with the debris of banks’ risky and sometimes illegal practices — subprime loans, predatory lending and foreclosed homes that destroyed the lives of families and stripped entire communities of their major source of wealth.

Fantasy Or Forecast? A Progressive Supreme Court Agenda

Progressive Supreme Court

*+-Peter Dreier: Best-case scenario: A Democrat becomes president in 2016, the Democrats keep control of the Senate, and Scalia and/or Kennedy are so enfeebled by then that they have to quit. At that point, a Democratic president can replace one or both with a liberal justice.

Assemblymember Chris Holden, Which Side Are You On?

chris holden

*+-Peter Dreier: Pasadena Democratic Assemblyman Chris Holden cast a decisive vote that thwarted an effort to raise California’s minimum wage. His was the key swing vote that killed a proposal to raise California’s minimum wage to $13 an hour in 2017.

Brat Worst: Libertarian and Tool of Wall Street

david brat

*+-Peter Dreier: Brat is also a libertarian, a follower of Ayn Rand, whose major idea is to celebrate selfishness. Brat opposes the minimum wage on principle. (Not raising the minimum wage; any minimum wage).