Peter Laarman

peter-laarman-150Rev. Peter Laarman is volunteer project coordinator for Justice Not Jails. He formerly directed Progressive Christians Uniting, the LA-based network of activist individuals and congregations that first launched Justice Not Jails in 2012 as a multifaith initiative. He served as the senior minister of New York’s Judson Memorial Church from 1994 to 2004. Ordained in the United Church of Christ, Peter spent 15 years as a labor movement strategist and communications specialist prior to training for ministry.

Charleston Killings: Unforgiven

Charleston Shooting

Peter Laarman: When black people are slaughtered by white supremacists, we in fact do know something about the mind of the perpetrators. We know that these are people gripped by fear and rage. Fear that their own insecurities and crimes will be found out, and rage against black people for unfailingly bearing silent witness to these same insecurities and crimes.

The Future of American Christianit(ies)

american christians

Peter Laarman: The Christian moderates who are now awakening to looming climate catastrophe are also, in many cases, awakening to the virulently antisocial nature of advanced finance capitalism

Comey & Bratton Serve A Weak Tea

bratton comey speeches

Peter Laarman: What the speeches most represented was the standard white perspective that we have problems due to the “legacy” of slavery rather than due to what anti-racism activist Frank Joyce more accurately describes as a “living, breathing organism of the present.”

Torture Denial: U.S. Flunks Religious Acid Test

Torture Denial Fails

Peter Laarman: What most dismays international observers of today’s America is the absence of spiritual maturity in a country that claims to be close to God and where so many say religious belief is central in their lives.