Randy Shaw

randy shawRandy Shaw is the Director of San Francisco's Tenderloin Housing Clinic and the Editor-in-Chief of the online daily newspaper "Beyond Chron." He is the author of three books, "Beyond the Fields", "The Activist's Handbook", and "Reclaiming America".

2015: Our Summer of Discontent

Summer of Discontent

Randy Shaw: Is this summer the start of something bigger? And will progressive discontent be subordinated to the 2016 presidential race, or can it drive and shape the national Democratic ticket?

Did Democrats Ignore Racism?

Affirmative Action

eading the news these days is like Marty McFly going from 1985 to 1955 in the film Back to the Future.  It’s 2015 and African-American Section 8 holders are still denied housing in majority white neighborhoods. Black kids still attend segregated schools, And 50 years after Watts, and twenty years after Rodney King, white police […]

Why Republicans Hate Affordable Housing

Republicans Hate Affordable Housing

epublicans have lost on Obamacare, gay marriage and immigrant rights, but every night millions of ill-housed Americans  can attest to the GOP’s  successes at worsening the nation’s affordable housing crisis. Republicans have opposed  affordable to housing funding as relentlessly as health care, but with far less publicity and far more success. The GOP’s effort to […]

Media Goes Overboard on UVA Rape

Rolling Stone Rape Story

Randy Shaw: The media backlash against Rolling Stone will not raise reporting standards. Instead, it will discourage journalists from getting anywhere near a story about campus rape and sexual assault.

Three Cheers for Ellen Pao

ellen pao discrimination suit

Randy Shaw: Ellen Pao’s lawsuit is transformative because every tech company with an HR department will now be on the alert for the sexist double standards that emerged in her trial.

What If Media Covered Inequality Like Weather?

Media Covers Inequality

Randy Shaw: The problem is not simply that a big weather story eclipsed a major expose on rising inequality in the United States. Rather, it’s that reports on economic inequality never get the saturation, multi-day coverage customarily granted to storms.

Does Kamala Hold All the Cards for 2016?

Governor Kamala Harris

Randy Shaw: After doing what many thought impossible in winning election to the Attorney General as a woman of color, her statewide political strength is clear. Harris either decides to become the state’s next governor, or wins Boxer’s seat hands down.

Next Steps Against Police Shootings?

Stopping Police Shootings

Randy Shaw: Keeping in mind that protests are a means to achieve a goal and not an end in themselves, the campaign for police reform now faces a choice between two visions for its future: it can follow the path of the Occupy movement of 2011 or the route immigrant rights activists chose after the mammoth spring 2006 protests.

The New Republic Dies: Who Will Notice?

The New Republic Dies

Randy Shaw: Based on the massive coverage in the New York Times and the volume of tweets from journalists, one would think that the very fabric of national political debate has been torn asunder.