Rebecca Martin

rebecca martinRebecca Martin has taught English in Egypt, Lebanon, Iraq, Afghanistan, and Saudi Arabia. Her publishing credits include McSweeney’s Internet Tendency, Inkwell, The Dos Passos Review, and the Los Angeles Free Press. She has an MFA in Creative Writing from Vermont College.

Besbb Taghreeda: Because of a Tweet

What's Next Now That Prop 47 Has Passed? Now that Prop 47 passed in California and LA County elected Jim McDonnell as its new Sheriff, it seems that real change is in the wind. But we wonder if people deeply involved in criminal justice reform really believe conditions will change.

Rebecca Martin: As far as the current penalties are concerned, it’s worth noting that earlier the Ministry of Justice had ruled to withdraw the lawyers’ licenses—and fined them of amounts as high as 500 thousand riyals. [Their final penalty is six times that.]

Saudi Arabia Work Visa System

free rizana

Rebecca Martin: Under Saudi Arabia’s work visa system, people are kept in a state of permanent dependency on their sponsors. A worker can’t quit or change jobs, can’t invite a spouse or children to join her, or exit the country without her employer-sponsor’s permission.

Muslim Women: No Home Anywhere

islamic woman

Rebecca Martin: In Saudi Arabia, Muslim women struggle with an issue that’s at the heart of their community—living with the rights already given to women in the Koran and by the teachings of Mohammed.