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Shari Karney

Shari Karney is a victims’ rights attorney who represents victims of sexual assault, sexual abuse, rape, child sex abuse, and sexual harassment. She is a survivor of child sexual abuse and incest. Karney created and lobbied for a landmark piece of legislation in California that was the first to give survivors of child sexual abuse justice by extending the civil statute of limitations. As an activist, she is founder and president of ROAR As One, a nonprofit whose mission is “Justice for survivors.” Her work on behalf of sexual assault victims was the subject of an NBC-TV movie, Shattered Trust, The Shari Karney Story, one of the 10 most watched television movies on NBC. A member of the State Bar of California for 25 years, Karney is a summa cum laude graduate of UCLA and a graduate of Loyola Law School. She also is a member of Phi Beta Kappa. She has been a guest on Oprah, The Ashleigh Banfield Show, The Today Show, ABC Primetime with Diane Sawyer, CNN, MSNBC, ABC, CBS, NBC, Entertainment Tonight, CBS Evening News, and many other television, radio and podcast shows.