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Tamara Pearson

Tamara Pierson

Tamara Pearson is a writer, journalist, activist, and teacher living in Mexico. She is currently working as a freelance journalist, finishing her second novel, and working with Central American migrants and refugees, as well as other activism.

She has been a journalist for 20 years, working as an editor for an international media agency headquartered in Ecuador, from Venezuela as an on the ground reporter and respected analyst, and prior to that, writing for Green Left Weekly from Australia. She has also written for a range of other media in English and Spanish from Bolivia, Pakistan, Zimbabwe, and more. She campaigned for refugee rights and against the war on Iraq in Australia, and was involved in community organising in Venezuela. She also worked at an alternative school there, promoting creativity and imagination as a tools of expression and empowerment.

Pearson is passionate about the need for including excluded voices in the media and in publishing. She promotes writing that is liberating, resists injustice, and tells the stories of the oppressed with integrity, creativity, and thorough research.