ted vaillTed Vaill, a Los Angeles lawyer and filmmaker, grew up in a Republican family (who all would be Democrats today given the extreme rightward shift of the Republican Party in recent years), and is the descendant of an immigrant (who arrived in what is now Plymouth, Massachusetts in 1620).

What’s the Supreme Court Cooking Up Now?

Supreme Court Decisions

Ted Vaill: Think about how history would have been different if Justice Antonin Scalia had not sacrificed his legal principles to cast the deciding vote to elect George W. Bush president.

47 Traitors Undermine the President

47 Republican Senators

Ted Vaill: If the agreement with Iran fails because of the interference of the 47 Traitors, and the sanctions against Iran evaporate because of this failure to reach agreement, Iran will be free to proceed with its nuclear weapons program without penalty.

Did Boehner Pull a Boner?

Boehner Breaks Logan Act

Ted Vaill: Boehner is desperate to hold onto his Speakership, and he is pandering to the Teabaggers and right wing Republicans in the House (25 of whom recently voted against him to be Speaker) any way he can.

Will Obama Ignore Congress and Go It Alone?

Obama Ignores Congress

Ted Vaill: Perhaps Obama could be impeached, but rather than lying about a tawdry affair with a White House intern, the President would be brought to trial in the Senate for doing his job of running the country and trying to solve its problems, a job that Congress has refused to do themselves.

Obama’s New ISIS Strategy

New ISIS Strategy

Ted Vaill: George H.W. Bush built a successful coalition before Operation Desert Storm, but Obama may have a more difficult time building a similar coalition to destroy ISIS.

Missing Plane: They’re Looking in the Wrong Place

Missing Plane Chagos Archipelago

Ted Vaill: I stand by my original belief that it is currently in the Chagos Archipelago in the Indian Ocean 1,200 miles south of India and 2,500 miles from the point where it turned around and headed back over Malaysia with its identifying features turned off.

More on the Uyghur Terrorists


Ted Vaill: More and more people are signing on to the belief that the Uyghur were somehow involved in the hijacking of this plane.