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Trent Lange

About Trent Lange

Trent Lange has served on the board of the California Clean Money Campaign since 2003. He has been a spokesperson, lobbyist, and policy expert for CCMC, analyzing campaign spending and proposing solutions to campaign finance issues both for California and elsewhere. He has been on the executive committees of four ballot campaigns in California, including serving as co-chair of Measure H, the Clean Money-enabling measure in Los Angeles that passed by a 3-1 margin with 75% of the vote on March 8th, 2011. He also helped run the successful legislative campaign to get the legislature to pass and Governor Schwarzenegger to sign AB 583 in 2008.

Dr. Lange has a Ph.D. from UCLA, with a multidisciplinary academic background in computer science, cognitive science, and cognitive psychology, and is the author of over 20 academic publications. He is President and CEO of Lange Fund Management, LLC., which runs a small but successful market-neutral hedge fund.