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Treva Brandon Scharf

Treva Brandon Scharf is a Los Angeles based writer, fitness professional and dating expert. She publishes at The Late Blooming Bride.

Treva began as a copywriter at BBDO New York, and has since branched out into blogging, screenwriting, reality TV programming, and public speaking. As a dating expert, Treva imparts wit and wisdom about being single, dating, and finding love later in life at her blog, The Late Blooming Bride. She also dispenses dating tips and advice at Huffington Post, BetterAfter50, MidlifeBoulevard, and OlderDatingUK, among other publications.

Her fitness background spans 30+ years as a competitive athlete, group fitness instructor, and personal trainer. Treva's expertise includes core conditioning, sports specific training, general fitness, rehabilitative therapy, senior wellness, and meditation techniques. She helps clients and classes achieve peak performance with a tough love attitude and a healing touch.

When Treva isn't creating original content or sharing her dating insights, she is either up at 6am training private clients or training for her next marathon. She also volunteers as a Fulfillment Fund mentor and Special Olympics coach. She is passionate about politics, policy, and people of all ages and abilities.