Treva Brandon Scharf

treva-brandonTreva Brandon is a Los Angeles based writer and fitness professional. She is currently Managing Editor at, an online resource dedicated to eldercare. She can also be found delivering wit and wisdom on her blog, The Late Blooming Bride

Treva got her start writing advertising copy at BBDO in New York. Her skills brought her to L.A. where she has created on-air promos for networks and studios. Her writing career has spanned all platforms, from screenplays and reality TV programming, to digital marketing and social media.

When Treva isn’t acquiring and creating original content and curating bloggers, she is up at 5am training private clients, teaching group fitness classes at Equinox, or training for her next marathon. She also volunteers as a Fulfillment Fund mentor and a Special Olympics coach. She is passionate about politics, policy, and people of all ages and abilities.

Her 30+ years in the fitness industry includes spinning, sports conditioning, yoga, boot camp, and traditional resistance training. Treva draws from her years as a competitive high school and collegiate athlete to help her clients and classes achieve peak performance. Whether it’s writing or fitness, Treva’s work is always creative and collaborative.

No Gym? No Problem!

No Gym No Problem

Treva Brandon Scharf: Can’t afford a gym membership? Get bored easily by exercise? Don’t want to run into your ex at Equinox? No problem! There’s always the great outdoors – otherwise known as your local park.

Set a Goal and Watch What Happens

Goal Setting for Health

Treva Brandon Scharf: You don’t have to be a marathoner – or even an athlete – to appreciate the kind of runner’s high you’ll get from setting a goal. All you need are some tried-and-true goal-setting strategies and a little determination to get you going.

Does Your Workout Have Legs?


Treva Brandon Scharf: Everything above your waist is immediately eye-catching, but how about what’s in your pants? Quads, glutes, and hamstrings are all crying out for love and attention too.

My 15 Favorite Fitness Hacks for 2015

Favorite Fitness Hacks

Treva Brandon Scharf: If you despise the gym, don’t despair. There’s a hiking club, tennis court, running group, or bike path near you. You’ve got no excuses, so get your ass up and get involved.

What’s Pot Doing In A Fitness Column?

Pot Big Business

Treva Brandon: Here’s the bottom line with pot: you don’t have to smoke it, eat it, use it, or even like it. But if you’re pro-business, enjoy tax revenue, and prefer a natural way to medicate, then just make sure you vote for it when it comes to a ballot box near you.

Surviving Post Election Stress Disorder

Post Election Stress

Treva Brandon Scarf: I am filled with the kind of dread, anger and worry that not even the stiffest martini will take away. I have “Post Election Stress Disorder (PESD),” and I’m pretty sure a lot of you progressives out there have it too.

The Body Politic: Happy Trails To You!


Treva Brandon Scharf: I use these parks and trails for exercise, for social time with friends, for activities with out-of-towners, for romantic outings, and for the spiritual benefits I get from communing with nature.