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Vincent De Stefano

Vince De Stefano

Vincent De Stefano is a life-long resident of Pasadena and a graduate from UCLA with a degree in Philosophy and Theater. After graduation, he worked as series of odd jobs including stevedore, dishwasher, waiter, bartender, stagehand, painter and ultimately ending up on a retail sales floor. His sales skills allowed him to move from the sales floor to management. He has held National Sales positions for such brands at Clifford Electronics, Rhino Records, Eclipse by Fujitsu Ten, Crossfire, to name a few. During his tenure in the consumer electronics industry he was a noted motivational speaker and sales trainer known within and outside of the United States. His business and training skills have allowed him to develop relationships with people from every state in the US, province in Canada and around the world. Vincent believes that “The real reward from my sales work was not the money I earned but the people I was to meet and become friends with along the way.” However, he believes his only important work is what he has done on behalf of Amnesty International as an Urgent Action letter writer which he has been writing and working for since the 90’s.