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Yanan Fan

Yanan Fan is a Chinese researcher and author. She was born on July 25, 1993, in Shanxi, China. She published one book, accomplished many scientific papers with Dr. Mohammad Heydari and worked in high-level research groups. She is currently working on a research project with Dr. Mohammad Heydari on emergency and disaster supply chain management for the Site Selection Model under uncertainty and a paper about Emergency and Disaster Management in the Process of Supply Chain Healthcare to Improve Surgical Intake Capacity in Hospitals: Evidence from London in the healthcare section. Over the past few years, she worked with international companies and universities such as “Unitalen Attorney at Law, patent search department from Aug. 2017 to Sep. 2018” and “Yuncheng University, Department of foreign affairs from Sep. 2016 to July. 2017” In 2019, she got an Erasmus scholarship. She passed one year of her Master’s degree in Instituto de Geografia e Ordenamento do Território, The Institute of Geography and Spatial Planning of the University of Lisbon (IGOT) Portugal, from (2019 to 2020). She got her Master's degree from the Faculty of Earth Sciences and Environmental Management, University of Wrocław, Wrocław, Poland, under the supervision of Magdalena Duda-Seifert. Her Master’s degree thesis was “Food Tourism. Using culinary experience to increase tourism at a destination, case study of Chengdu”. She researches in (1) Tourism Management and Hospitality (2) Human Resources and Business Administration.