State Assembly District 62nd Candidate Autumn Burke Is No Liberal

Autumn Burke

Candidate Autumn Burke

Autumn Burke is a wolf in a Democrat’s clothing.

In February, State Assembly District 62 candidate Autumn Burke sat down with me and told me that she cared about the environment, but she does not. Burke also said she was for small business development, and she is not. She said she was for economic diversity for all of the 62nd Assembly, but her strategic mailings (with apparently no sustainability themed campaign literature east of Crenshaw) shows she clearly feels some sections of the district are more deserving of choice than others.

If you’re a Republican, vote for Burke for the 62nd because she’s your gal.

If you are pro-business, anti-people, you want fracking, you want to limit your civil rights and you like drinking dirty water, by all means please vote for Burke because that is who is paying for Burke.

You are who pays for you. PACs funded by dark money from the biggest corporate environmental polluters and civil rights violations in corporate America fund Burke’s 62nd State Assembly District campaign.

Burke is from a wealthy, connected family. Her father William Burke is the president and founder of the L.A. Marathon. Her mother is retired L.A. County Supervisor Yvonne Burke who did a lovely job overseeing the decline of South L.A., possibly because for most of her tenure Yvonne did not live in the district she represented.

Autumn Burke is taking money not because she needs the money, but because she lacks ethics. She could have easily run in the 62nd and made it to at least the run-offs even with no job experience and a slew of failed businesses that according to the California Secretary of State are all suspended. She could make it where she is for nothing more than who her mother is and who her father pays.

Autumn BurkeShe does not need the dark money-funded PACs her campaign is now swimming in.

These PACs—essentially owned by big oil corporations—are paying for mailers with smiling members from the Sierra Club and happy firefighters. These images give voters the impression that anti-union corporations and big oil aren’t paying for Burke’s campaign—but that is exactly who is paying for her campaign.

Burke has taken money from Civil Justice Association of California (CJAC) whose board consists of ExxonMobil, Shell and Dow Chemical Company, among others.

CJAC supported AB 227 which weakened Prop. 65. Prop 65 is the Safe Drinking Water and Toxic Enforcement Act of 1986.

AB 227 was opposed by the following groups:

  • Breast Cancer Action
  • Breast Cancer Fund
  • Californians for a Healthy and Green Economy
  • Center for Environmental Health
  • Clean Water Action California
  • Coalition for Clean Air
  • Consumer Attorneys of California
  • Consumer Federation of California
  • Environmental Law Foundation
  • Environmental Working Group
  • Pesticide Action Network North America
  • Sierra Club California
Burke is supported by Keeping Californians Working which was just recently infused with $500,000 from Chevron.

Burke is supported by Alliance For California’s Tomorrow which is funded in large part by Occidental Oil and Gas Corporation (OXY.) OXY is currently battling it out in Carson to build 200 oil wells in one of its residential communities.

If you’re a Democrat, why would you take money from these groups? If you have wealthy parents and a community of Democrats behind you, why would you need to take money from these groups?

Autumn BurkeIf you purport to be a Democrat and you are taking money from these groups, it is because you either have no integrity or you are a mindless puppet for someone else.

Burke is taking money from these groups because, while they may not be her values, they most definitely are her parents’ values.

Autumn Burke is not running for the 62nd Assembly; her father’s business associates are.

There will be expectations when she wins. She has the resources and has shown throughout this campaign that she is willing to lie and manipulate to get what she wants regardless of what the people think.

She is running for Wall Street not Main Street.

The great thing about the 62nd District is that though it is in L.A. it still has a great small-town feel. You can raise your kids in Westchester, El Segundo, Morningside Park or Del Aire, and you can still do that here on a teacher’s salary. You can do that here with a small family-owned restaurant or coffee shop. Burke the candidate, paid for by “drill-it big oil” and “build-it real estate,” wants to end that for the 62nd.

Her campaign is financed with people who want to break the 62nd.

The 62nd Assembly District is the last hold-out in middle class Los Angeles. Once it falls and they destroy Culver City, no one but the wealthy will be able to live in Los Angeles.

teka-lark flemingHer campaign wants to destroy the Ballona Wetlands, it wants to move you out of your single-family home in Westchester, it wants to turn Venice into New York City with better surfing and it wants to frack, acidize and suck every bit of oil out of the Inglewood Oil Fields—and anywhere else that might have a little bit of oil—regardless of the consequences.

To find out who Autumn Burke is, simply look at who funds her campaign.

She is not a Democrat for the people. She is a Republican who is ready and willing to be a shill for big oil and big business.

Teka-Lark Fleming
Morningside Park Chronicle


  1. Marcia Hanscom says

    Autumn Burke will help pass some much needed regulation to protect Ballona and the Great Blue Heron rookery. She will also help protect the laws that we already have that are protective of the environment. Sierra Club will work with her to make sure this happens. What the author claims are “facts” here are not. Autumn, for example, has returned oil company donations that were sent to her. I agree with you, Teka-Lark, on one thing. It’s not enough to do a clean-up. Autumn Burke will do clean-ups (which ARE needed), and MUCH MORE!

    • Teka-Lark says

      She didn’t return the money from the CJAC. She’s not taking money directly from oil, but she is taking money from organizations that protect oil’s interest and big oil funds. Big oil is not stupid they know they can’t just give money that says big oil they have to give through someone else.

      Corporations lie. I know that’s an amazing concept to your Marcia, but they lie and they cheat.

      We’re on the same team Marcia. Election track doesn’t lie. It’s there for you to see. I want it to not be true also, but you are who pays for you. Lawyers, realtors and business are paying for her to advocate for them. Simply do a research of who owns the IE by these scary PACs that have dropped a million dollars into her campaign and look at her contributors. You don’t have to look very far. It’s there.

      If I were you I would make a list of the laws you want her to protect and the new legislation that you you would want and ask her will she make a pledge to protect them, because currently looking at the million dollars that are supporting her via IE and the hundreds thousands she’s taken in campaign donations from the people and organization that support the IE it doesn’t very good or very likely she’s going to the environmentally friendly candidate you think she is going to be.

  2. Teka-Lark says

    The fact is folks that how fracking is stopped and the wetlands are saved is not by taking pictures, cleaning it up on the weekends and answering questions well.

    When we need to stop big oil and corporate from polluting we depend on laws.

    Laws are what protect us from corporations. Good vibes don’t, good intentions don’t, community gardens don’t and neither do bike rides.

    What protects our oceans, air, water from people who want to make a lot of money regardless of cost are our laws.

    Burke is being funded by and taking money from groups whose sole purpose are to destroy our laws.

    And the IE expenditure match the contribution that she has received. She is symbolically letting them know and anyone with sense know where she stands. She has taken money from Civil Justice Association of California (CJAC) that run a PAC under several names that are pro-business anti-environment. She has taken money from Personal Insurance Federation a major funder of Alliance For California’s Tomorrow.

    She’s letting us all know where she stands by who she has taken money from.

    Now I wish clean-ups and wearing green actually made an impact on our environment, but it doesn’t. Legislation and laws do and she is in bed with people who will break our laws to protect our environment and to prevent us from using the law to stop them.

    The facts aren’t wrong.

  3. Marcia Hanscom says

    I’m not sure who the author of this piece is – but if THIS one statement is indicative of the other assertions in the opinion piece this is – then it is a pack of lies. “Her campaign wants to destroy the wetlands.” NOTHING could be further from the truth. My life for the last 20 years has been about FULL protection of the Ballona Wetlands and all of the habitats associated with Ballona. Autumn Burke blew us away in her Sierra Club interview and questionnaire with her solid, no-nonsense and non-compromising stance on Ballona. Her competitors – at least the one with the most money and influence – have said, well, we don’t like the current plan – presumably SOME bulldozing/destruction of the wetlands is ok. But not to Autumn. If you want to PROTECT the Ballona Wetlands, Autumn is who to vote for on June 5. As for the other claims, since this one was so outlandish, I can’t give much stock to the rest of it.


      Whoever wrote or ghostwrote this article got all the facts wrong. I’d be angry if I didn’t pity their need to put a good person down. When they start doing that, you know they have nothing. Your writing and false assertations make you look silly. Don’t let yourself be used by operatives.

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