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  1. Carl,

    This piece on Obama being as American As Apple Pie needs to be read by the masses. I only wish we could make that happen.

    Thank you for contributing it to the LA Progressive.

    • Hi Sharon…It is a distinct pleasure to be included on the pages of LA Progressive. What a terrific job you and Dick do. Congrats!

  2. Nicely written and right on the mark. If Barack Obama was a lesser man, I’d worry for him during these last few weeks of the campaign. But he has proved himself beyond a shadow of a doubt that he has the poise, intelligence, and wherewithal to lead and I think voters across this nation are absolutely and irretrievably disgusted with the mud slinging and scare tactic posturing of the McCain/Palin ticket.

    And while McCain and Palin are desperately firing off sh!t bombs at Obama, the rest of us are watching horrified while the country goes down the tubes right in front of our eyes with most of the globe teetering on the edge about to fall into the abyss right after us.

    The Republicans are operating in a microcosm and have defiled themselves and their nest. They have made a mockery of our democratic process and have cheapened not only the Republican brand but all of America in the process.

    This article published in the UK sums it up pretty well:


  3. I only hope that people, the undecided that is, can read articles like this and realize the Republican Party has nothing to offer, other than spreading hatred and lies.

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