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  1. I would like to comment about this paper! Anyone can see what barack obama means when he states that late term abortions are OKAY! To be placed in a body bag until the baby is disposed of is cruel and inhuman punishment! I would rather have Senator John McCain lead me through these years because he believes in God and he loves all the little children of God! No matter what the color of skin. He often times crosses the aisle in order to get things done. What has Senator Obama done for this govt?

  2. bravo brad parker, we are all responsible and accountable, as we all must be starting with barack obama who deserves our votes.

    we are hopeful, passionate, bombastic, and will be unrelenting if the pudding is not the promised change we must all believe in and work for in making it come about.

    we at the grassroots are the ‘evolution within the revolution’

    dorinda moreno

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