Big Corporations Get Big Bailouts – Who’s Gonna Bail Out the Middle Class

Not sure who will read this, but I saw Mr Cerf on CSPAN this morning and he got me thinking.

I’m a recently unemployed Detroit union autoworker. This whole Detroit situation was completely avoidable and now I and countless others are victims of someone’s hateful stupidity. The Republicans and other union haters are getting back at the middle class for electing Obama. It’s obvious these neo-fascists will stop at nothing to rid the USA of a middle class so they can go back to a ruling class, and a peasantry.

They are ruling us now and I can’t do anything about it. I opposed the war but had to put up with it…and PAY FOR IT! I had nothing to do with the Wall Street and banking scandals, yet have to pay for it. What happened to all those hundreds of billions? Nobody knows the answer!? I have no say in anything congress does, but I have to pay for it. I had no say in what congress gets paid, nor what benefits they get, but I have to pay for it. Our infrastructure is failing and I’m paying for it. The list goes on and on.

Now…I’m out of work. My car needs tires and other repairs. I can’t pay for it. I have dental work I was getting done, but now I have no health care coverage. Also have medical issues with no money or insurance. But they WILL take my taxes, though I have no say in how much or what THEY spend it on. I can go on and on here, too.

So…no joke here. I want to force the scoundrels to pay for all my needs. I want to “start something”. I want to demand my money back…starting with the bastards who delayed the auto “bailout” so long that it put me out of work and put me in this spot. I want to demand those who bailed out the Wall Street and banking criminals pay for my needs.

Support the troops?! Huh? They volunteered to participate in an illegal invasion of a foreign land and (under orders from our Military Industrial Regime) are all guilty of mass murder that I’m forced to put up with and fund! I want to demand that they pay me now! All I ever did was go to work and try to make an honest living. I’ve certainly never killed anyone while at work. But our military has killed untold tens of thousands to earn their daily bread. Why do they get housing, health care, etc, but I get mine taken away?!

I know this sounds really crackpot, but I’m unemployed and have plenty of time to make a spectacle of myself. I’d love to be the “idiot” who stirs up a hornet’s nest. I’m also quite serious about what I said above. I want my money back that they stole from me!

I can simplify it by saying I DEMAND that I get the same salary and benefits package that any US Senator gets…and I want it now! I’ll do nothing to earn this deal, which will cost the American taxpayers far less money and aggravation than what of our government costs and causes. Simply giving me this money is a big big bargain!

I want to start by sending an invoice to every member of congress, Bush, and his Cabinet. Can you help me? I’m 51 years young, and know my ass from a pothole. Our country is on the verge of civil war or general collapse. Somebody has to do something. I like what you stand for, but I don’t see any results. No media splash. Look how those haters made such a big deal out of Palin and Joe The Plumber! This is what I’m driving at.


John (CaptJach) Marra

Hey, I stuck a song on here, too. It’s my version of a great old Woody Guthrie union song called Mean Talkin’ Blues. I redid it my own way with some new lyrics and more of a Detroit sound. The vocal was done at the auto factory in the back of my car in the parking lot. Just a rough draft but thought I’d share it with you for grins. I call my “band” The Shaggers, but it’s really just me. BTW, a Shagger is a person who moves cars from one place to another at an auto factory. They are at the bottom of the pay scale and usually temp workers and generally not to bright and don’t usually smell too good 😉 The photo was taken by a coworker, at the plant as well.



  1. deb says

    To whom it may concern, I am requesting a portion of the Federal Bailout Money on behalf of Myself and my family. We have paid our taxes, paid our house payment, bills and utilities on time and have cleaned our credit file by paying it off. Now that we have done our part, we still find ourselves struggling and would like to request $1,000,000.00, for our future life in the United States of America. It is becoming apparent that the Goverment helps those who dont help themselves, so we should be first for a payoff for the simple fact that we did pay our bills, taxes and never made a profit off of anyone. This is the only way to stableize our future.

  2. John (CaptJach) Marra says

    Thank you Karen. Yes, we are all in this together. But hope is possible as it’s about 45 minutes (as I type this) away from our new beginning as We The People! When we inaugurate Obama, we can start our own wheels of hope turning again. I never thought I’d live long enough to see this! But those wheels are rusty and creaky so we’ll have to help each other to push ourselves back into action. Obama isn’t the winner here; it’s each one of us, individually. Wow! I’m so happy today!

    Time to get back to the TV now. More here later.


  3. Karen says


    I live in the mid-west and there are a lot of manufacturing plants that also counted on that auto bailout. We have several friends that work for a certain parts company, they all survived the first cut, but who knows what will happen in 3-4 months. I have a brother-in-law who has been unemployed for almost 2 years. He’s educated and hard working, and is having a hard time finding anything but $8/hr jobs. The government has sunk the middle class and we’re all fighting to stay alive. The middle class won’t see any benefits to this bailout but it will cost us dearly. I’m glad we’re not the only ones feeling like we got the shaft, and hanging on for dear life. I’d say write your senator, but not sure that would help anyway. Good Luck.

  4. John Marra says

    Hi Sharon,

    So nice to hear from you. I thank you for your kind comment here but especially thank you for creating this forum and allowing me to participate.

    I’d prefer thoughtful questions from the curious, but criticism is ok…bring ’em on. They are fighting me and I’m fighting for my survival.

    BTW…got an email from a member of my staff from the job I had as a “suit”. Chris’ father just lost his job and so did his fiance. They have to postpone their wedding now. His father was due to retire soon.

    We’re talking about people here. Human beings. Nice people who say “good morning” and “please” and “thank you” and hold the door for you. You know what? Even if they were rude slobs, they’d still deserve to be able make a living. It’s not my place to judge their manners or lifestyle. Just show up for work, do a good job, and don’t start trouble. Right?

    Thanks again for allowing me to express my views.

    Be Good,
    John (CaptJach) Marra

  5. says

    Thank you John Marra for providing an insight into your life. I read your story in an email message and asked your permission to post it here on my website. You graciously allowed it to be posted and our readers are the better for it. Our policy at the LA Progressive is to permit criticism as long as the critics remain civil. The kind of exchange that occurred between you and the other John is what the LA Progressive is geared for.

    Thank you again for showing us your world and I hope others will give their opinions as well.

  6. John Marra says

    I don’t drink and never have. Don’t assume because I work in a car factory that I’m a stupid drunk. You don’t know where I come from, so don’t assume I fit your chosen stereotypes. This is exactly what I meant about the hatred people feel for autoworkers. You assume the worst about us and act only on your misguided assumptions.

    Do you know what I was doing before I became an autoworker? Didn’t think so. What is my level of education? What are my talents and skills? What do you know about me that makes you think you can call me a stupid drunk?

    I’ve been smart with my money and have had zero debt for a long time because I’m not stupid and drunk. I did take care of myself contrary to your uninformed opinion. I’m in trouble now because of how this whole worker-hater thing just nailed me out of the clear blue sky and put me out of work at the worst time…when I got some health problems and car problems at the same time. Sorry if I was so rude to be healthy when younger, but developed some health problems now at age 51.

    Please tell me how you stay in perfect health? I workout everyday and walk 6~8 miles a day at work and then ride my bicycle around 25 miles a day. I don’t drink, don’t smoke, don’t take drugs, eat a pretty darned good diet, don’t drink pop, drink lots of purified water, and so on. What more should I be doing, Doctor? Hmm?

    It’s great you can survive in 2009 on $10/hr. You must be a genius. I live in a modest house that I paid off years ago and have a tough time surviving at $14/hr. So you’re a doctor and a financial expert. Please advise me so I can be rich and in perfect health forever, like you.

    I’ve never bought a new car. I don’t demand that you buy one, either. But you also have to know the auto industry never asked for a bailout. Chrysler and GM asked for a loan. I work for Ford and they didn’t ask for a dime! They only asked for a CREDIT LINE should they need a loan in the future…which they probably won’t. Have you noticed that Toyota has had the same drop in sales as Ford?!

    But that’s not all. You don’t have to buy a car from Ford. You don’t have to feel sorry for me, either. But do me a favor and don’t prejudge me and hate me for trying to make a living. The current auto industry problems are not the fault of the workers.

    I’m an inspector and my team goes over each and every single car with a fine tooth comb and we have repair guys 25 feet away from us who fix any flaws we find…and we do a damn good job and I’m proud of it. We ship great cars. Our plant hasn’t had a single recall since a really simple one in 2004.

    Don’t blame the workers. Yes we should make more fuel efficient cars but the workers have to make what management says we make.

    Hey, great benefits?! Who told you that?! Define what you think are “great benefits” then tell me what you “know” my benefits package is? Hmmm? Do you have even the slightest idea? Hmmm? How much is my share of my premium? Hmm? How much is my deductable and co-pays? Hmm? How much actual coverage do I get? Hmm?

    Anyway, you’re missing the point. I want the money back the government stole from me to pay itself and to pay for the illegal war, along with the actual BAILOUT they gave to the wall street guys and the bankers, which they promptly lost.

    You’re my hero and I want to be just like you :)


  7. Dr. Jim Hamilton says

    Dr. John,
    I am not quite sure to whom you are angry with ! I have only purchased one new car in my life. Until i figured out that i can have a used car with a new engine and no payments.
    Now let’s see a new engine will cost me $4000.00 and my insurance is less. a new car is $20,000.00 plus !!!. Do you see the picture?
    Well maybe you can explain to me why i should feel sorry for those of you that work everyday in the auto industry making $15.00 dollars a hour with great benefits and hang out in the bar every weekend and be broke on Monday morning.
    Now let me go back a few years ago !
    When i made $10.00 an hour i brought a home because i kept my goals in lines.
    Anyone that knows anything about the auto business knows they have great insurance,(car salesmen are paid and treated badly). so why didn’t you take care of yourself then ?
    Now everybody that was doing good in the 80’s & 90’s needs to be bailed out!!! Am i missing something ??
    I don’t want to see anyone suffering, but i find it a little hard to see the mess we are in with foreclosures and people are still spending and driving new Tanks. Until we start doing the right things and stop acting like we are the only people on the earth ! I am not sure anyone deserves a bailout.

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