The Bill Clinton Mega-Bounce

barack and billI feel the pain of Republican partisans and their media friends who adore pieces attacking the evil liberal media, which of course is the last refuge of conservatives and Republicans who believe they are losing. The liberal media refuses to report Democrats who don’t support the president! Bad news for the GOP: The real story is the Democrat who DOES support the president, Bill Clinton, as I wrote in my last two columns, “Bill Clinton to Treasury” and “Bill Clinton’s big message.”

Notice the upward movement of Obama in recent polls from Gallup, NBC-Wall Street Journal and others. Nobody remembers what Mitt Romney said at his convention, but everybody remembers what Clinton said at the Democratic convention, which gave Obama a mega-bounce that has lasted for more than a week.

Readers might be surprised by some of the people who have read my “Bill Clinton to Treasury” column, and gotten back to me privately. Stay tuned for potential news.

If President Obama does bring Bill Clinton to the center of economy policy, I predict the Clinton mega-bounce for Obama will be even bigger than today, and the word “landslide” may enter our election analysis. I predict the odds are greater than people think that President Obama will do something similar to what I propose with President Clinton.

Strangely, Mitt Romney has run ads starring Bill Clinton (does political suicide ring a bell?). Then they pretend the Bill Clinton mega-bounce didn’t happen and doesn’t matter. Then the man who said he would not have given the order to kill bin Laden in Pakistan attacks the president who did give the order, trying to exploit the killing of American diplomats for partisan gain. And now:

Conservative and Republican politicians and their media friends shout and tout diatribes against the evil liberal media, which is what Republicans do when they think they are losing. I feel their pain. They don’t like or trust their nominee, and they privately think he is a loser. So they shout and tout attacks against the liberal media, like a bad actor still reading boring lines after the audience has left the theater.

Bottom line is this: Barack Obama is a much better president than Mitt Romney is a candidate. Bill Clinton and Hillary Clinton tower above all national political leaders in public approval. President Obama is reaping a big mega-bounce as President Clinton moves to center stage, and Republicans are reduced to promising to bring back their good days of 700,000 lost jobs a month.

Brent BudowskyRepublicans may have four more years to write angry diatribes against the evil liberal media, while President Obama, with help from President Clinton, solves the real problems facing the nation, and finishes the job of digging out of the economic mess created by Republican President George W. Bush and his Republican allies in Congress.

Brent Budowsky
The Hill

Published: Friday, 14 September 2012


  1. JoeWeinstein says

    Obama is less of a Democrat than was Richard Nixon. Mr Ryder’s comments on ‘maybe Obama isn’t the man we need’ – and his reasons – are correct. That of course doesn’t prove that Romney would do any better. Both are abysmal and spineless, the nation will be in for a bad time no matter who wins, and the most we can hope for is that maybe the Senate and House will get a few more non-extremist members who will not go along with the extremism we have seen from the Congressional Republicans.

  2. Ryder says

    If it takes someone else besides Obama to give Obama a bounce, then maybe Obama isn’t the man we need. As far as “solving the real problems”, I fail to see how a crumbling foreign policy is solving problems. I fail to see how ignoring duty to uphold the Constitution (especially free speech) is ignored, in favor of appeasing to murderous religious fanatics abroad by blaming *their* violence on *our* free speech, is solving problems. I fail to see how promises of employment in the 5% range if the stimulus package was passed, but seeing that never happened (it is still closer to 9%!) is “solving the real problems”. I don’t see how our national credit rating being downgraded *twice* under Obama is solving problems. One could go on for pages and pages… books, really. I know it’s a political season… but can’t the writers here NOT insert themselves into the Obama re-election committee, and retain at least some thin veneer of journalistic objectivity?

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