Bring on the Clowns

Speaker John Boehner and friends.

Wednesday marks the start of the 125th Congress. For a person who makes his or her name and livelihood by commenting on the ineptitude and corruption of American politicians, this is indeed wonderful news. We are beside ourselves with giddy anticipation. For regular working people, however – particularly those hardest hit by the economic catastrophe we currently find ourselves in – this bit of news is as nasty as can be.

Speaker John Boehner and friends.

PREDICTION: You thought the One-hundred and Eleventh Congress was beyond awful? OH, BROTHER! This one will be remembered as the worst in history. Anyone care to make a little wager on this point?

From Bob Herbert’s column in this Tuesday’s New York Times:

“In any event, the G.O.P. has taken its place once again as the House majority and is vowing to do what it does best, which is make somebody miserable — in this case, President Obama. Representative Darrell Issa, the California Republican who is now chairman of the Oversight and Government Reform Committee, said recently on the Rush Limbaugh program that Mr. Obama was ‘one of the most corrupt presidents in modern times.’ He backed off a little on Sunday, saying that what he really thinks is that Mr. Obama is presiding over ‘one of the most corrupt administrations.’”

Just what the hell, you may well ask, is Darrell Issa up to? Folks, this is as easy to explain as anything I’ve encountered in the five years I’ve been writing this blog. These people are as transparent as glass. Here’s the deal:

When Congressman Issa describes Barack Obama as “one of the most corrupt presidents in modern times”, this question comes immediately to mind: “Was this yahoo living in a vacuum between the years 2001 and 2009?” Does he really believe such nonsense? Although it’s difficult – if not impossible – to figure out what these people really believe, the answer is, in all likelihood, no. Then why would he say such a moronic thing? Here’s why:

Rep. Darrel Issa.

Rep. Darrel Issa.

In 1998 the cabal of right wing freaks that had hijacked the “party of Abraham Lincoln” came very close to removing Bill Clinton from office for lying about an affair with a half-witted intern (Whatever happened to her?) Had they done so four years earlier they might very well have weakened Clinton enough politically that he never would have been reelected in 1996 – or even nominated, for that matter. Their big mistake was waiting until Bubbah’s second term to make their move. They don’t plan on making that same mistake this time. What Issa is doing is – in effect – poisoning the atmosphere. What he is doing is laying the groundwork for the impeachment of President Obama. The wheels are already in motion, and this time they plan on striking before the president is up for reelection. Watch them in the next few months as they set up their “investigative” committees and begin the process of gathering “evidence”. Again, would anyone care to make a little wager?

And Obama (The man’s naivete never fails to astound) is in the process of making the same mistake President Clinton made all those years ago. By “reaching out to” and “working with” the crazy people on the other side of the aisle, he seems to believe that they’ll cut him some slack in return. He is within months (Weeks? Days? Hours?) of learning the futility of this strategy. He is about to learn the lesson Clinton learned in 1998 – which, by the way, is the same one Neville Chamberlain learned in Munich in 1938: Extremists cannot be appeased. Thiat particular truism has been proven throughout history too many times to count. I have to believe that Obama realizes this.

The political poop storm is within months of darkening the American sky. I am as certain of this as I am my own name (Tom Degan. Nice to meet’cha!)

The only reason the impeachment of Bill Clinton didn’t go through in 1998 was because, as the clock was ticking down in the House of Representatives to remove the president from office, it became obvious to these knuckleheads that the American people were not onboard with what was obviously a political persecution. Old Bill, for all his moral faults, was still pretty popular with his constituents. Also, he wasn’t a black guy – a fact that you can bet the farm has been taken into consideration by these racist clowns. It’ll be a lot easier, I’m sure they figure, if their victim this time is a COMM’NIST KNEE-GROW. This is going to get interesting.

I have a feeling that a lot of the people who voted Republican in November will have buyer’s remorse very soon. And I know damned well that every idiotic Liberal who stayed home on Election Day will soon regret their collective hissy fit. We’ve got the House of Representatives we deserve. Life is funny that way, you know?

tom deganWhen are we going to face the ugly truth about the Republicans? How long will it take before the people finally wake up? The Democrats are impotent cowards – no doubt about it – but the GOP is beyond redemption. They don’t care about the poor and middle classes. They don’t even give a shit about the moderately well-to-do. You say you have a million dollars in your bank account? You think that because (technically at least) you’re a “millionaire” that you matter to these people? You’re not even a blip on their radar. You don’t matter. You don’t even exist. You’re worthless. You’re living in a plutocracy. Know you’re place. Race means not a damned thing. Get used to it. Wake the hell up.

Tom Degan

The Rant


  1. Patricia Barry says

    Hi. for the record, the only half-witted person in the l’affaire Lewinsky was Clinton, and I will not be vulgar, but he could not keep a part of his clothing zipped up. It is called compulsive promiscuity. Oh, and adultery.

  2. marshall says

    I have noticed from the past (since FDR) that the political nuts come in all shapes and sizes as do the nuts we eat. The political nuts have no friends from any side and we must be on the look out for them. Did anyone ask the political party of the two men who jumped the shooter or others who helped in other ways, probably not, and it makes no difference, they were good men/women all.

    There have been several “nut” attacks on both parties in the past years and it is way too early to pick the bottom of any bucket as time has not yet ended. I can remember when Truman was the bottom of the bucket and now he is not. We need to remain calm and look out for each other no matter the party.

  3. pigdog67 says

    Tom you idea is interesting. And I will not bet against it. However if one picks a dog to represent Obama’s personality, I think the best choice is a golden retriever. This guy really wants to please everybody. Churchill was a bulldog. So the Repubs can get everything they want without impeaching Barack. However it is likely they are such idiots that they will try anyway.
    If Obama had any backbone he would cut military spending by 90%. When we see a president of the USA pull that off then we will know that we have ‘hope and change’. Until that day we are living in a fascist state. I am very seriously considering moving back to Canada. This place gets scarier every day. I was thinking and commenting 3 months ago that I was surprised they were no ‘random acts of political violence’ from the dispossessed in such a heavily armed society. But this week I read about a member of Congress being shot in the head and a former aide to George W. Bush being found dead in a dumpster (murdered). The acts of ‘political violence’ have started.

  4. dr. o says

    Ahhh, Mr. Degan… So the Democratic Party is the lamp of freedom in New York harbor, and the Republican Party is Mephistopheles, Princes of Darkness, the Accursed Dragon Foul…

    Ah, if life were only that simple… On first read through your agitprop piece I assumed you were merely delusional, but after a second reading I clearly see that you are a vastly skilled and unmitigated prevaricator and agent provocateur…
    A tip of my hat to your abilities, sir.

  5. Joe Weinstein says

    They won’t impeach Obama, because he’ll play their game much better than would Joe Biden. With all his warts, Biden is an actual Dem, whereas – at least to go by everything to date – Obama is a Dino who above all ‘craves to cave’: to be accepted by Republicans.

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