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  1. It would make me laugh if it were not so sad to see the Hollywood and East Coast elite bash Sarah Palin (not to mention her innocent family) for having morals, values and integrity. If only “half” of that outrage and angst had been directed toward the 19 men who flew planes into the World Trade Center by the elitists…People call her ugly and raw? Amazing! Simply amazing!
    Speaking of Oprah’s right to not have Palin on…You’re right. It’s her show and she’s earned the right to decide who makes it to her sofa. However, the viewer have also earned the right to change the channel…trust me, a good number of us will.

  2. I’m standing up for Oprah, I respect her decision, and you can add me to the list of new fans! Besides, I don’t think Sarah Palin is worthy of being on the Oprah show. We know more about Sarah Palin now than we ever wanted to and there is no redeeming value that I can see in that woman and indeed, no further need to expose any more of what’s already ugly and raw and right out there for all to see. Palin would cheapen Oprah’s show just like she has cheapened the Republican party and American politics. The freak show is on and Oprah and other thinking women are smart to change the channel!

  3. I am a Democrat, want to win the presidency, and end the Iraq war. Oprah chose to make her show a forum, so she can invite both vice-presidential candidates, preempt the feminists, and promote the Democrat Presidential Obama/Biden candidacy.

  4. The last time I looked the show was called OPRAH. To my knowledge OPRAH is paying the bills. So I think she can have anyone she chooses on the OPRAH show.

    I respect her decision to stick with her canidate. To not be wishy washy and have Palin or Hillary on her show. Is is a black thing maybe it is maybe it isn’t but we all make choices and Oprah has made hers. Oprah is generous and give back She has earned the right to choose.

    Maybe she lost a few fans but she picked up some on the way. It is still today a 6 month wait for tickets for her show. MMM..She still sounds popular to me.

  5. I am so frightened for the women and men that have fallen pry to this calculated move on Mcain’s camp to chose Palin in an attempt to save his unqualified “ASS”. I am so disappointed in the women that believe in Palin’s “book birnning, pro chose, vindictive “man handling” of people that “oppose” or don’t share her view. She and MCaine have coopted Obama’s slogan regarding change. What a joke. It is all about Palings Rovian’s tactics and the principals and ideals of Bush and CHANEY. The idea that Clinton voters could for reason’s of gender decide to vote for her and plumet this country further into the abyss of disater is mind boggling to me.
    I pray every day that those of us that understand beyond party and gender is truth trust and a better USA. I know that we have the power to use our collective positive energy and knowledge to unite the real truth seeker and save us from MCaine and Palin.

  6. Not to split hairs, but opting not to have political candidates on her show strikes me as a response to the vitriol and anger she received when she endorsed Obama early on from her (white female) audience. They felt forsaken, so Oprah stepped back from the fray. And now they want her to cover electoral politics again?

    Several years ago she similarly alienated religious viewers with her segments on spirituality, and it’s only been recently that she’s felt compelled to cover the topic again.

    She’s earned the right to present the programming she wants, when she wants, and if it challenges people’s understanding of the issues or of themselves, then she’s accomplished her goal. Or does her (white female) (religious) (hypocritical) audience feel they are the organ grinder and she’s their dancing monkey?

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