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In the April 21, 2016 issue of the LA Progressive, I wrote the article, “Add Independents, Bernie Obliterates Hillary in New York”, which exposed the undemocratic, dysfunctional primary election fiasco under which Hillary Clinton was declared the winner with 57.9% of the vote to Bernie Sanders 42.1%. However, 3.2 million voters (registered as Independent) were not allowed to vote. Since polls showed 72% of these preferred Bernie Sanders, it follows that if they had been allowed to vote, the final outcome would have been 60.1% for Bernie Sanders and only 39.9% for Hillary Clinton!

bernie wins california

Add Independents, Bernie Beats Hillary in California—John M. Bachar, Jr.

Well, you say: “What else would you expect? That’s New York. That could never happen in crystal clean California.”


After the June 7, 2016 Democratic primary election in California, it was not until July 13, 2016 that the 2.5 million uncounted ballots were finally processed! The announced final result was Hillary Clinton, 2,745,302 (53.1%), Bernie Sanders, 2,381,722 (46.0%).

However, of the 4,177,648 registered NPP (No Party Preference) voters, a whopping 3,403,665 (81.5%) NEVER RECEIVED A DEMOCRATIC CROSS-OVER BALLOT!

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Since many polls of NPP voters throughout the country show that Bernie Sanders is favored over Hillary Clinton by 60 to 80 percent, it follows that, if the 3,403,665 had received a Democratic cross-over ballot, the result would have been as shown in the chart.


Well, well! California is just as undemocratic and dysfunctional as New York with respect to elections.

Just think: If both states had fair, democratic election systems, Bernie Sanders would have had the majority of the pledged delegates and would have likely been declared the nominee for President at the Democratic National Convention.

But, into each life a little rain downpour must fall.

John M. Bachar, Jr.

Emeritus Professor of Mathematics, California State University Long Beach