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Los Angeles City Council Redistricting Commission (LACCRC)

In a democracy, our voice is our power. And as residents of the City of Los Angeles, we use that voice in many ways - to vote for a Council Member to represent us; to call our elected officials when we need help; to let decision-makers know if we support or oppose a new law or policy that impacts our lives. The redistricting process is yet another way we must use our voice to exercise our power. Redistricting is as important to democracy as voting. But many people don’t know much about redistricting. This fact sheet is meant to provide you with important information about redistricting, and why it matters to you.

What is redistricting?

Every person in the City of Los Angeles lives in a City Council district. We have the opportunity to elect a city council member based on what district we live in. For example - Boyle Heights, Pacoima, Venice, and South LA are in different Council districts, and residents in those communities vote for different people to represent them.

Every 10 years, the entire country goes through a process called redistricting to redraw the maps that determine each district. As communities get smaller or bigger, and people move in and out, it is important that the districts are defined fairly and equally. According to the U.S. Constitution, all electoral districts within a given redistricting map must contain approximately the same number of people. The maps drawn will determine the allocation of political power and representation at every level of government (city, county, state and federal).

Why does redistricting matter?

Where district lines are drawn may determine who residents can vote for and even how responsive elected officials are to your requests. Representation is power. Who represents you in City Hall can mean more or less affordable housing, cleaner streets, and better parks. And making sure your district is drawn in a way that gives you fair representation can make a big difference for you and your family. Redistricting should never deny you to have a voice in city government. Maps must be drawn in ways that allow your neighborhood to be treated equally.


How does redistricting work?

The Mayor and City Council have appointed an independent citizen’s commission to advise them how to draw new districts that reflect the interests of the hundreds of communities in Los Angeles that make it unique. The 21 member commission is made up of diverse citizens from every part of the city. The Commission is committed to making sure that everyone has equal and fair representation in City Hall.

Before the lines are redrawn, the commission will conduct a series of 17 public hearings and community meetings. There will be one for each City Council District and two city-wide meetings.

Before the lines are redrawn, the commission will conduct a series of 17 public hearings and community meetings. There will be one for each City Council District and two city-wide meetings.

Once the commission has completed the public hearings they will take the information you provide along with data provided from the Federal Government and draw new maps.

A set of maps will be drafted and presented to the community online and via public hearings to ensure the commission gets your feedback. We will then revise the maps and send them to the City Council for approval.

How can I participate to make sure my voice is heard?

There are many ways for you to take part in the redistricting process.

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Attend one of 17 redistricting hearings, which will be held virtually in communities throughout the City of Los Angeles between July 1, 2021, and September 11, 2021.

You can RSVP at or by calling (213) 263-5765.

Once you register you will receive a Zoom link that will allow you to join the public hearing online from your phone, computer, or other device. All hearings will be provided with Spanish interpretation. If you require translation services in other languages please let us know when you register.

You can also submit your testimony in writing to:

For more information about Redistricting please visit our website at

The commission’s job is to take your input into consideration when developing recommendations on how to draw the district maps.

We need to hear about what you believe makes up your community. Tell us about the schools, churches, parks and shopping areas. Tell us about the people. Tell us about what neighborhoods need to be included, and what makes your community unique.

What are the rules and criteria?

Some of the criteria used to decide the maps include:

  1. Council districts must be substantial of equal population size
  2. Different parts of the district must be able to connect to one another geographically.
  3. Must minimize to the extent feasible the splitting of neighborhoods into multiple districts.
  4. Comply with the Voting Rights Act, which is a law meant to protect ethnic residents like Latinos, Asian Americans and African Americans to have a fair opportunity to elect a representative of their choice.

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The mission of the Los Angeles City Council Redistricting Commission is to make sure that all community members have fair and equal representation on the Los Angeles City Council. LACCRC2021 @LACCRC2021

To learn more about your council district and community go to the City of Los Angeles' "My Neighborhood Information" at

Rafael Gonzalez 
Director of Community Outreach and Engagement