1. The Democratic Party’s base has merely moved to policy positions held by most other western democracies for decades. It is essentially centrist and caring ,while the Republican leadership has become far right, oligarchic, greedy, and cruel. A sophisticated Democratic party campaign would be wise immediately to define it as such.

  2. I don’t accede to the author’s notion that the Democratic party’s base is Socialist. Sanders did as well as he could against Clinton because she was a bad candidate and her many years in the public eye gave Republicans an opportunity to define her. The Democratic party has attempted to remove their finger on the scale nominating playbook but I still don’t see Sanders flourishing in the large field.

    It’s true the party has moved to the left since Sanders surprise showing in 2016 and it’s also true that Sanders is not a pure and true Socialist but the party’s base is not on the far left or the center but somewhere in between.

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