Can We Fight the Healthcare Industry

healthcare rallyAccording to the experts in this video, you can’t have a healthcare system that works if it’s modeled after the one used by the medical insurance industry today in the United States. They contend that the current system in the U.S. is a system that is guaranteed to waste money and ensures that the sickest people will be either under or uninsured.

This video disputes the conservatives’ assertions that single payer health care is bad for the country.


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    What’s really tragic about our political system is that most active progressives support Single Payer yet only a few federal legislators do. That might seem odd but whats really tragic is that almost all congress people serve in “safe” districts . They can’t even stick their necks out a little while being in “safe” districts. How conservative a country are we? They all know Single Payer is a much better way to go. David Broder several years ago called them “gutless free agents ,all working on their own agenda.”

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