Why Obama’s Silence on the New Congo War?

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-+*Shamus Cooke: Instead of Obama denouncing the invasion and the approaching overthrow of a democratically elected government, silence becomes a very powerful action of intentional complicity on the side of the invaders.

Goma Falls; US Responds with Weasel Words


-+*Georgianne Nienaber: When the Congolese government on Monday refused to accept an ultimatum from the Congolese Revolutionary Army (M23) to open negotiations and accept a buffer zone, Kinshasa opened the door for the fall of the provincial capital of Goma

Defining Good Rebels vs. Bad Rebels in Congo


-+*Georgianne Nienaber: Don’t allow the media and foreign governments to define you. Chief Sitting Bull, a Lakota Medicine Man, was considered the last Sioux to surrender to the U.S. Government. They paid him back by killing him after they broke treaty after treaty.

The Pen Proves Mightier than the Chicotte: Le Roi Souverain Tombe

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-+*Mac Mckinney: King Leopold, ever the unscrupulous businessman and con artist, now sensed that it was time to hold a transfer of sale to a decidedly captive customer, his own homeland, Belgium. If he had to relinquish the Congo, he would at least replenish his coffers doing so.

Why the Democratic Republic of Congo Is a Failed State

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-+*Georgianne Nienaber: Throughout DRC’s history, the ruling elites have antagonized ethnic groups by supporting regional strong men who plunder resources — sowing confusion, fear and insecurity in the process. No sense of statehood could possibly arise out of an exploitive system that continues to this day.

Why Are the UN and Human Rights Watch Undercutting Rwanda?

Louise Mushikiwabo

-+*Georgianne Nienaber: What are the possible motivations for the United Nations Stabilization Mission in Congo (MONUSCO) to participate in an orchestrated pattern of leaking material detrimental to Rwanda to the international press, and what axe does HRW, if any, have to grind?