Animal Rights

The People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals (PETA) maintain that animals are not ours to eat, wear, experiment on, use for entertainment, or abuse in any other way. Whether you embrace their philosphy or some version of it, the articles, opinion pieces, and investigative reports on humans' treatment of animals on this page offer a view into the many ways we can improve in the treatment of the non-human beings with whom we share the planet.

In the Name of Free Speech: Winograd Fights Back — UPDATED

Pony Rides Dispute

Marcy Winograd: Thursday, in the late afternoon, I filed my anti-SLAPP motion to dismiss a meritless law suit challenging my right to express my OPINION that tethering ponies, butt to nose, to a metal carousel, forcing them to walk in circles on concrete for 3.5 hours is abusive.

Animal Rights Activist Rebuts Pony Ride Operator Charges

Pony Ride Protester

Marcy Winograd: While the operators repeatedly and publicly attack my character, I know that I have only told the truth, expressing my opinion, both in words and photographs, throughout this period of protest, in which 1,450 people signed my petition to shut down the animal exhibits.

Gun Control Politics of Virtue

Pennsylvania Bans Pigeon Shoots

Walter Brasch: The Pennsylvania Senate, possibly for the first time in its history, stood up against the NRA leadership and extreme gun-rights groups, and voted to ban pigeon shoots.

The Politics of Animal Cruelty

Pennsylvania Bans Pigeon Shoots

Walter Brasch: Pennsylvanians can still butcher, braise, and broil their pet cats and dogs because a murky mixture of politics has left a critical bill on the table in the state senate.

Santa Monica City Council to Decide Whether to Free the Ponies

Santa Monica Ponies

Marcy Winograd: The Santa Monica City Council will decide whether to replace the exploitative animal exhibits — tethered pony rides and cramped petting zoo — at the Main Street Farmers Market with life-affirming children’s activities: painting, arts and crafts, poetry, and drama.

Compassion for the Wild Horses of North Dakota

North Dakota Wild Horses

Georgianne Nienaber: The bottom line is that horses are social animals with a very complicated hierarchical network that is especially susceptible to disruption. Sudden culling is an immediate and profound assault on social cohesion.