Derailing Amtrak: Tracking the Latest Disaster in the Infrastructure Crisis

Derailing Amtrak

-+*he dangerous underfunding of US infrastructure was underscored by a fatal train derailment on May 12th. The tragedy did not deter the House Appropriations Committee from voting to slash Amtrak funding the very next day. There are ways Congress could fund its massive infrastructure bill without raising taxes. But the conservative-controlled Congress seems to have […]

Two Paths for Social Security

Future Social Security

-+*View image | n 2005 President George W. Bush and his fellow Republicans were hard at work trying to privatize Social Security. Their proposal would have replaced much of this guaranteed-benefit program with a plan that would have invested its funds in privately managed accounts instead. That would have been a massive payday for […]

Austerity and the Amtrak Crash

Amtrak Crash

-+*View image | ithin hours of the deadly Amtrak crash in Philadelphia, the US House of Representatives voted, in committee, to slash another $252 million from Amtrak’s budget – a 15% slash from last year’s funding for Amtrak. This “austerity” craze is insanity. Amtrak set another record for ridership increase in 2014, and an […]

Is Momentum Building to Fix Prop. 13?

Fix Prop 13

-+*Bobbi Murray: “Most people don’t even realize that commercial property is part of Prop. 13 and certainly don’t realize that there is this minority of corporations and wealthy individuals that are essentially paying 1975 levels of property taxes.”

What About Fast-Tracking a Living Wage?

Time for Living Wage

-+*Rosemary Jenkins: If we are ever to break the cycle of impoverished, unsafe, poorly educated, underemployed neighborhoods (about which so many of the better-off bitterly complain—particularly regarding “the tax burden”), we must act now.

Scapegoat Economics 2015


-+*Richard Wolff: Governors in the US now increasingly attack state employees, their unions and pensions as if they, rather than the crisis, had suddenly become the economic problem.

How America Became an Oligarchy

American Oligarchy

-+*Ellen Brown: If governments are recalling their sovereign powers, they might start with the power to create money, which was usurped by private interests while the people were asleep at the wheel.

Indiana Toll Road: Privatization’s Highway to Hell

Privatizing Public Services

-+*RJ Eskow: The Indiana Toll Road is more than a highway. It is an infinite loop through the neoliberal world order, the mirror of a recursive economy in which every step toward corporatization creates more hardship – and every increase in hardship calls for more corporatization.

Can You Be Fired for Taking Family Leave?

Paid Family Leave

-+*Melissa Goodman: If you work at a California company with fewer than 50 employees -– and 40 percent of California workers do -– the paid family leave law does not prohibit your employer from firing you.