Let’s Stop Avoiding the “G” Word

Gentrifying Neighborhoods

We Can Develop Neighborhoods So That All Residents Benefit s with most controversial human endeavors the ‘G’ word, or gentrification, causes a significant amount of emotion when discussed publicly. For example, I was recently in conversation with a new business owner on a street in our city that was historically known for being forgotten, underdeveloped […]

The Upsurge in Uncertain Work

Gig Economy

Robert Reich: On demand and on call – in the “share” economy, the “gig” economy, or, more prosaically, the “irregular” economy – the result is the same: no predictable earnings or hours.

Plunder Economics

Taylor Farms

strong middle class is like a vegetable garden, requiring a rich economic environment in the same manner that a garden needs fertile soil. We do not say to seeds, “It’s all up to you. Don’t worry about the PH factor or the nitrogen or the potassium in the soil. Just do your thing, seeds.” But […]

The Fraud of the New “Family-Friendly” Work

Family-Friendly Work

Robert Reich: These new policies apply only to a tiny group considered “talent” – highly educated and in high demand. They’re getting whatever perks firms can throw at them in order to recruit and keep them.

The Outrageous Ascent of CEO Pay


Robert Reich: In 1965, CEOs of America’s largest corporations were paid, on average, 20 times the pay of average workers. Now, the ratio is over 300 to 1.

From a Tipi to a Tesla

End of Fossil Fuel

Winona LaDuke: In light of my recent trip to Detroit, I am wondering about the end of the fossil fuel industry. I am wondering because if this is what success looks like, and fifty years later it is Detroit, it is not what I want.

Older Workers Who Lose Their Jobs: What Can They Do

Never Recovering Economy

obert Reich recently wrote the following about a former student who told him, “in a quivering voice, she had lost her job. She took it as a personal failure. “I don’t know what to do now. I’ve lost confidence in myself.” He told her two things. “First, you shouldn’t take it too personally. Everyone’s vulnerable […]

The Revolt Against the Ruling Class

American Ruling Class

Robert Reich: Political insiders don’t see that the biggest political phenomenon in America today is a revolt against the “ruling class” of insiders that have dominated Washington for more than three decades.

Soulless Economics

Pope Francis Economics

Robert Koehler: The pope’s words haven’t penetrated the pseudo-objective certainties of financial reporting, much less the dark sanctuaries of money and power. But they must.