What American Wealth Means to You and Me

American Wealth

Michael T. Hertz: Let’s just suppose that we allotted $10 million in wealth to the top 5,000 people in the U.S. That would leave $83,658 billion for the rest of us, or a miserable $262,333 each.

Soulless Economics

Pope Francis Economics

Robert Koehler: The pope’s words haven’t penetrated the pseudo-objective certainties of financial reporting, much less the dark sanctuaries of money and power. But they must.

#ThisIsACoup — Greece Folds Like a Cheap Suit


Denis Campbell: The EU got greedy. They needed to humiliate and break Greece. There was even talk yesterday about a ‘temporary Grexit’ from the Union so they can get their affairs in order (read: accept the deal or we will crush you).

Austerity’s Collateral Damage

austerity collateral damage

Robert Koehler: As the profiteers impose austerity on the vulnerable, indebtedness becomes a condition to be mocked. Yet we are all indebted. Our lives depend on the good will of others.

Why Republicans Hate Affordable Housing

Republicans Hate Affordable Housing

epublicans have lost on Obamacare, gay marriage and immigrant rights, but every night millions of ill-housed Americans  can attest to the GOP’s  successes at worsening the nation’s affordable housing crisis. Republicans have opposed  affordable to housing funding as relentlessly as health care, but with far less publicity and far more success. The GOP’s effort to […]

Human Misery vs. Profits: What’s Happening in Greece

Greek Austerity Vote

Larry Wines: The outcome of Sunday’s referendum by the people of Greece could create an earthquake. It could be the first time that ordinary people say “Oxi,” and “No,” and “Non,” and “Nyet” to the banksters and the 1%ers.

The Revolutionary Pope

Revolutionary Pope

Ellen Brown: The strategy for real change called for by Pope Francis can be furthered with government-issued money of the sort originated by the American colonists, augmented by a network of publicly-owned banks of the sort established by the Order of St. Francis in the Middle Ages.

Curt Flood and “The Reserve Clause”

curt flood

few days ago a newspaper column in local market paper carried this headline: “Let’s put away the drama and get back to sports.” The point: media spend too much time covering off-the-field news stories. The writer, for one, vowed he would concentrate on covering the games. The problem with that thinking is that sports aren’t […]

Gentrifying Berkeley

Gentrifying Berkeley

Scott Prosterman: Berkeley rents have risen between 10-30% over the past year. This is a shocking “low-ball” estimate. The past six months have left me researching rental housing options again, and I’m finding more like a 50%+ increase in that time.