Education Reform

Is the US system of public education in crisis? Many say the answer to that question is no. But almost all agree that we have two systems of public education in the United States - one based principally, though not entirely, in the suburbs and another that is based principally in poorer urban and rural areas. One is, unarguably in crisis. The other is not. These articles discuss the root causes and possible solutions.

Peek Inside a Classroom

Adverse Childhood Experience

Daun Kauffman: She was one of the shortest, scrawniest children in our second grade classroom. Maybe 45 pounds with her coat on. Her tattered backpack seemed as big as she was. Somehow the tiniest children can hold the most energy, the most emotion, and somehow they manage to get the most compassion from me.

LAUSD Judgment Day Coming?

LAUSD Judgment Day

Leonard Isenberg: LAUSD’s witch hunt has been about money and has had nothing to do with “child safety” as claimed by both Superintendent Cortines and his predecessor and now Broad Foundation employee John Deasey.

Bending Toward Justice: BATS Congress and the Fight Against Corporate Education Reform Taking Back the Power of Teachers

BATS Congress

Be the change that you wish to see in the world.—Mahatma Gandhi early a year ago today, I joined an inspiring band of intrepid activists who made their way to the nation’s capital to protest the impact of high stakes testing and corporate education reform. We arrived with the genuine hope that a demonstration at […]

Where Were You, Hillary?

AFT Endorses Hillary

hen 168 schools were closed in New York City, and more than fifty in Chicago and Philadelphia? When New Orleans became an all-charter district? When recess became test prep in high poverty schools throughout the nation and arts, music, and sports were pushed aside? When school libraries were closed or became places where students took […]