Will the Democratic Nominee for 2016 Take on the Moneyed Interests?

Democratic Presidential Nominee

-+*Robert Reich: The candidate could also call for busting up Wall Street’s biggest banks and thereafter limiting their size; imposing jail sentences on top executives who break the law; cracking down on insider trading; and, for good measure, enacting a small tax on all financial transactions in order to reduce speculation.

Forget Education Saviors, They Aren’t Coming

Democrats on Education

-+*Steven Singer: We can’t elect our way to sound education policy. It will take a massive popular movement of parents, teachers, students and people of conscience. Demands will be made. Protests will be staged. Revolutions may be waged.

Fight On, Ladies

War on Women Teachers

-+*Marla Kilfoyle and Melissa Tomlinson: There is a clear rhetorical and legislative attack on the profession of teaching. The rhetoric we hear being driven by the corporate education agenda (which is the house of mostly white wealthy males) is a direct attack on a profession that is over 75% women.

Debunking Common Charter School Myths

Charter School Myths

-+*Jamaal Bowman: Based on what I know, as they are currently constituted, charters,Teach For America, and yearly standardized testing are wrong for our high need communities.

LAUSD: The Buck Stops Where? And When?

LAUSD Scandals

-+*Leonard Isenberg: Might it just be that the problem never was the teachers, but rather an entrenched and incestuous bureaucracy, where questioning clearly failed policy continues to be something that can get you fired as an administrator.

Policing Our Girls

Policing Black Girls

-+*Sikivu Hutchinson: Disproportionately targeted by zero tolerance discipline policies, black preschool and elementary school children have the highest rates of suspension and expulsion in the U.S.

School Reform Issues Unmasked

Online Education Drawbacks

-+*Mark Naison: It’s time to pull the mask away and see the corruption that lies at the heart of dominant School Policies whether they are pushed by Jeb Bush, Chris Christie, Rahm Emmanuel, or Barack Obama.

Veteran Teachers Won’t Be Driven “from the Trenches”

Veteran Teachers Protect Students

-+*Dr. Michael Flanagan: In the current world of education reform, where people who have never set foot in front of a classroom decide major policies and protocol, seniority and experience are derided. To real teachers, working in the trenches is a badge of honor.