Tortured Logic in York Schools Takeover

taking over public schools

-+*Steve Singer: And what a plan it is! Let’s try these few targeted reforms, tighten our belts and if that doesn’t work, give the entire district over to a charter school operator.

Merry Christmas, We’re Stealing Your Schools

Charter School Takeover

-+*Steve Singer: So apparently it is perfectly legal in Pennsylvania to beat someone up and demand a week’s worth of their lunch money – and if they don’t pay, you can sue them in court for welching on a contract!

The $7 Million University President

Shirley Jackson RPI

-+*Lawrence Wittner: As is the practice on other campuses, RPI employs a considerable number of adjunct faculty members―part-timers paid by the course, with pitiful salaries, no benefits, and no guarantee of employment beyond the semester in which they are teaching.

More School Walkouts This Spring

High School Walkouts

-+*Mark Naison: The sense of power and agency that these high school students are gaining from participation in these protests should not be underestimated.

Teaching Against Terrorism

Students Discussing Racism

-+*Sikivu Hutchinson: Our challenge as activist teachers and mentors is to keep pushing students to see that the system doesn’t want them to see these terrorist violations as the same.

Patrolling the Boundaries Inside America

Protecting School Districts

-+*Robert Reich: Education is no longer just a gateway into the American middle class. Getting a better education than almost everyone else is the gateway into the American elite.

Teachers Day in Vietnam: One Big Deal

Vietnamese Honor Students

-+*Jim Rhodes: From the time of pre-school, Vietnamese children are taught that teachers are “second parents.” This is an integral part of the national psyche; to act or think otherwise is truly sacrilegious.

Technology Versus Jobs

Online Education Drawbacks

-+*Steve Hochstadt: I do like to talk with students, to see their reaction to the information I give them and the questions I ask. I believe that my colleagues are far more effective at teaching information, concepts, and ways of thinking than any computer program.