Mexico’s Human Rights Record: “This Is Not 1993″

Mexico Human Rights Record

Rudy Acuña: When I learned that California State University Northridge was negotiating a deal with the University of Mexico (UNAM) on numerous occasions, I warned the administration that Mexico had a horrible human rights record and that signing such as agreement without voicing objections could come back to bite them in the ass, which has happened in the case of the 43 disappeared normalistas.

How Public Schools Could Defeat Racism

Teaching About Racism

Steven Singer: 
American school children know there used to be slaves; they may even know the Native Americans weren’t treated so nicely. But they don’t know nearly the scope and fallout of these events. 

Is Tenure Justified?

Is Tenure Justified

Marla Kilfoyle and Melissa Alexander: As teachers we understand the importance of teacher tenure, which for the remainder of this article we will call due process. First of all, a teacher’s right to due process does NOT guarantee them a job for life.

High Stakes Testing as a Weapon of War

Corporate Control Public Schools

Melissa Tomlinson: The implementation of corporate reform education policies has done nothing to re-allocate resources that would level the playing field to give these students an equal chance.

Time and Punishment: Why Teacher Voices Matter

Christie Berates Teachers

Yohuru Williams: The image of Governor Christie sternly chastising a polite middle school teacher for asking a question, against the backdrop of a state wide investigation into fiscal mismanagement in education, made national headlines propelling Christie and Tomlinson into the national spotlight.

Deasy Resigning! Are You Kidding Me?

John Deasy Resigning

Rosemary Jenkins: Deasy was so dismissive of the Board’s guidance (let alone input from the teachers, other school personnel unions, and the community) that he fashioned himself in the style of a dictator. And as a result, Calamity John became his own self-made disaster.

BadAss Teachers Unite Arms Activist Teachers

BadAss Teachers Unite Arms Activist Teachers

Lucianna Sanson: BadAss Teachers Unite is a lightweight, compact book, a perfect personification of the the BadAss author himself, who grew up boxing in the Bronx streets, and like him, every entry packs one heck of a punch.

Mistakes Were Made: The John Deasy Years

John Deasy Resigning

Bill Raden: LAUSD board member Steve Zimmer, for one, agrees that Deasy’s laudable concern over the students most in peril in the district was too often offset by his obliviousness to the importance of consensus-building and the precipitate speed with which he attempted to implement controversial policies.

Does Arne Duncan Measure Up?

School Testing and Civil Rights

Lucianna Sanson: Secretary Duncan has seen the writing on the data wall: teachers, parents, students, and concerned citizens are NOT fooled by the corporate ed reform agenda. It is going to go down.

Deasy to Cortines: Frying Pan to Fire

John Deasy Resigns

Leonard Isenberg: Only in the long-failed insular culture of LAUSD, that steadfastly refuses to go outside its own incestuous administrative short list comfort zone of “qualified” public education insiders, would a Ray Cortines even be considered.