Election Reform

Election Reform

Why Bernie Is Best on Women’s Issues

Bernie Feminism

Heather Gautney: Bernie has long-understood that women’s struggles can’t be compartmentalized into issue-silos. That’s why he’s long-eschewed counterfeit gestures of “gender diversity”—in favor of genuine social equality.

The Id(iots) Emerge

loony republicans

Kathleen Wallace: It was all kind of humorous, except for the fact that their most dogged survival of the dimmest (but richest) is currently hurting so many.

Donald The Terrible

media loves trump

Lila Garrett: If Trump gets his way, the children born in the U.S. to undocumented immigrants from south of the border will no longer be Americans. Off with the head of the 14th Amendment.

2015: Our Summer of Discontent

Summer of Discontent

Randy Shaw: Is this summer the start of something bigger? And will progressive discontent be subordinated to the 2016 presidential race, or can it drive and shape the national Democratic ticket?

Will Trump Be 2016′s Prop 187 for Latino Voters

Trump Latino Voters

Victoria DeFrancesco Soto: What started with name-calling–Mexican immigrants as rapists, criminals, disease carriers, and most recently “anchor babies”–has evolved into an immigration plan that deport all undocumented persons and rescind birthright citizenship.

“Anchor Babies” and The GOP’s Plantation Politics


Sikivu Hutchinson: Trump’s tirades on anchor babies and repealing the 14th amendment’s birthright citizenship clause have the GOP presidential campaign clown car in overdrive. As the rest of the field scrambles to double down on its racist appeal to red meat Middle America all people of color are targeted by this rhetoric of criminalization.

The New Republican Machismo

Republican Machismo

Vijay Prashad: Gentleness and humaneness are mistaken for weakness in the Republican Party. The ridiculous exaggerations of manliness on display at the debate are necessary.

What Do Republican Presidential Candidates Care About?

Republican Campaign Rhetoric

Steve Hochstadt: Despite the talk of bringing Americans together, these Republicans disdained the majority of Americans who voted for President Obama as deluded or even stupid. We can expect 11 months more of such rhetoric until the Republican National Convention in July 2016.