Election Reform

Election Reform

Bernie Would Clobber The Donald in a Debate

Sanders Versus Trump

Brent Budowsky: Sanders is a leader; Trump is a showman, which is why Sanders’s crowds are larger than Trump’s, Sanders’s polls are stronger than Trump’s, and Sanders will leave large footprints while Trump will leave a legacy as politically profound as “The Apprentice.”

Trump Taps Into GOP Xenophobia

Trump Ends GOP

Alvaro Huerta: By viciously attacking Latino immigrants, Trump makes it crystal clear to one of the nation’s fastest growing demographic and key voting groups that they are not wanted in the GOP.

Which Hillary?

which hillary

Brent Budowsky: One Hillary is the most qualified candidate in memory, while the other Hillary gives no evidence of having a higher purpose other than being elected.

Put Bubba Where He Belongs—Back in the Politics of the ‘90s

Bill Clinton Policies

Rosemary Jenkins: Lest we forget, President Obama has had to spend an inordinate amount of his time overturning, reversing, amending many of the ill-advised laws and regulations the misguided Clinton put into practice some decades ago and which still plague us in so many different ways today.

Hillary’s Email: All Smoke?

Hillary Clinton Email

Marcy Wheeler: Clinton deserves a good deal of criticism for using personal email that has made it more difficult to access via FOIAs. But retroactively classified information should no more be used to prosecute her—in reality or in the press—than Drake and Sterling.

Trump: Rising From the GOP’s Ashes

Donald Trump Tops Polls

Tina Dupuy: If we’re going by cognitive dissonance theory, Trump is the true believers doubling down on their resolve and grasping at straws to justify why Republican policies, when put into practice, utterly fail in every imaginable way.

Bill Clinton’s Apology—Not Accepted

Bill Clinton Apology

Herbert Dyer, Jr: Just after Bill Clinton won the presidency in 1992, someone asked me what I thought of the self-described “new” Democrat in the White House. “Just another white boy,” I responded.

Why “The Donald” Matters

The Donald

Steve Hochstadt: Donald Trump is a vain, self-promoting, amoral man, whose focus on himself and his money would make an awful President. I think most of the people who say they support him now, more than six months before the Iowa Caucuses on February 1, already know that.

Thank You, Donald

Trump Campaign

Peter Dreier: Here is what I see as the step-by-step best case scenario for putting a Democrat in the White House next year, with a little help from Donald Trump.

Yet More Republicans for Bernie

More Republicans for Bernie

Michael T. Hertz: Read what they say, and you can tell that they have each travelled a different path, but each has found that Bernie Sanders reflects what they want in America going forward.