Election Reform

Election Reform

Not Trusting Hillary

not trusting hillary

Michael Hertz: My thinking about you, your history and your ideals, while very positive prior to a few years ago, has turned more and more negative. I don’t think I’m alone in that.

The Bushes, Dirty Tricks, and Regime Change in Nuclear Free Palau

Nuclear Free Palau

ast December, as Jeb Bush prepared for his presidential bid, reports about his financial dealings revealed that, according to the L.A. Times: “Bush and his partners also set up two other funds. BH Logistics raised $26 million and invested it in Dorian LPG Ltd., a shipping company incorporated last year in the Marshall Islands to […]

The Fallout From TPP

TPP Passed

Michael Hertz: If you’ve kept up at all on the tortured legislative history of TPP, you understand that what has occurred shows how divided the country and both major parties have become.

Will Koch Brothers Create a Revolution in 2016 Elections?

Koch Brothers 2016 Elections

Larence Rosenthal: For the free–market absolutists, whose undisputed champions are now the Koch Bros., 2016 has become a time to push a ton of chips out on the table. There are two reasons for this. One is the opportunity, and the second is that the opportunity may be short-lived.

Bernie Sanders for President?

Bernie Sanders Social Democrat

Steve Hochstadt: You might think that Sanders would try to run away from the socialist label, but that would mistake two things: Sanders’ honesty and the real nature of American democratic socialism.

Trump In(sanity)

Trump In(sanity) -- Larry Wines

Larry Wines: Over the loud piped-in strains of a song that represents just about everything he flippantly decries, The Donald just announced he is running for the Republican nomination for president. But don’t say, “Yeah, like, who isn’t?”