Hell and Hillary

Supporting Hillary Clinton

-+*HIlton Obenzinger: I do not expect wonderful changes with Hillary – but I do expect openings, possibilities for pressure and results that won’t exist with President Jeb or Cruz or any of the other clowns.

Side Effects: Popping Pills and Pop-Up Politicoes

Will Bernie Sanders Run

-+*Gary Corseri: Wasn’t there supposed to be a “War on Drugs”? Pinch me awake, but I’m guessing that we Baby Boomers lost… because it’s pretty clear that drugs—especially the “legal” ones—have proliferated in the heart of the Empire the way drones have darkened the skies over Afghanistan, Pakistan and all the little stans.

Hillary Lifts Populist Spirits

Hillary Opposes Citizens United

-+*Brent Budowsky: Clinton is making political reform one of the cornerstone issues in her campaign for the White House. She has begun a frontal assault against the widely unpopular Supreme Court decision in the Citizens United case.

Hillary Clinton for President: An Open Letter to the California Progressive Voter

Hillary Clinton for President

-+*View image | gettyimages.com lthough the presidential election is more than 18 months away, supporters of Hillary Clinton already argue that progressives should vote for her. The fundamental issue, however, is what you, as an individual progressive voter, do – not what everyone else does. Given the total votes cast in the 2012 election in […]

That Was Hillary’s “Big” Announcement?

Hillary Announces

-+*Larry Wines: Who in the HELL thought that funerary makeup job with the racoon eyeliner was a good idea? Dukakis in the tank in the Snoopy helmet looked better! Joe Biden’s over-the-shoulder intimate ear-whisper was excruciatingly awkward, but IT looked better.

The Defining Moment, and Hillary Rodham Clinton

Hillary Rodham Clinton

-+*Robert Reich: If Hillary Clinton is to get the mandate she needs for America to get back on track, she will have to be clear with the American people about what is happening and why – and what must be done.

Why Hillary?

Why Hillary

-+*Tom Degan: To go straight from the first black dude to the first gal is indeed tempting – no argument there – but Hillary is not the one for me. In fact, she’s not even a close second.

Mike Gatto: In a Hole, Should Stop Digging

Mike Gatto

-+*Ron Kaye: The latest twist in Gatto’s appeal of the outcome, in which a rival slate of grassroots Democrats outpolled his group, has shown the lengths some elected officials will go to seek advantage and save face, while actually putting their own credibility and reputation with voters in danger.

A New Era of Televangelists

Ted Cruz Denies Global Warming

-+*Tina Dupuy: This recent phenomenon of “running for office” when really they’re sprinting for a book deal, TV show, or cinnamon-cure spokesman, has become its own commercial enterprise.

The Four Faces of Cruz

ted cruz campaigning

-+*Brent Budowsky: Will the House Benghazi Committee of Clinton inquisitions subpoena Cruz emails involving Armed Services Committee matters?