Hillary’s Glass-Steagall

Hillary Glass Steagall

Robert Reich: People who believe Hillary Clinton is still too close to Wall Street will not be reassured by her position on Glass-Steagall. Many will recall that her husband led the way to repealing Glass Steagall in 1999 at the request of the big Wall Street banks.

Why Prison Warden Scott Walker Must Be Stopped

Stopping Scott Walker

Sikivu Hutchinson: Here’s one more reason to rally against the candidacy of rabid Christian fundamentalist, college dropout and newly declared GOP presidential hopeful Governor Scott Walker—Wisconsin boasts the highest rates of suspension and incarceration for African Americans in the country.

What the Trump Bump Really Means

Trump Bump

Mario Solis-Marich: If Trump would somehow wrangle the GOP nomination the election would essentially be over and Democrats could begin to chill the champagne and dust off the “Happy Days Are Here Again” vinyl records.

Bernie Sanders and Changing Our Society

Bernie Sanders Socialism

Michael Hertz: Bernie is right: In the end, we are the ones who have to choose, and we need a government that is responsive to our needs, not one that is controlled by an elite group that is thinking only of themselves.

Is Bernie More Than Just a Summer Fling?


Brent Budowsky: The prospect of this new era of new thinking from a new populism of a new left, following the Gilded Age corruptions of the last financial crash and the revolving door corruptions of Washington, is driving the surprise surge for Sanders and posing the dramatic test for Clinton.

Trump Trumps Truth with Media Help; O’Reilly Orbits Trump’s Star

donald trump racist

View image | gettyimages.com e need to look beyond Donald Trump’s doubling-down on his nasty, insensitive, dehumanizing remarks, simply because the worst of those remarks still isn’t being noted. His dog-whistle appeal to the GOP base has brought high-fives in some quarters, but not the GOP establishment. And all that is curiously different this time […]

Not Trusting Hillary

not trusting hillary

Michael Hertz: My thinking about you, your history and your ideals, while very positive prior to a few years ago, has turned more and more negative. I don’t think I’m alone in that.

The Bushes, Dirty Tricks, and Regime Change in Nuclear Free Palau

Nuclear Free Palau

ast December, as Jeb Bush prepared for his presidential bid, reports about his financial dealings revealed that, according to the L.A. Times: “Bush and his partners also set up two other funds. BH Logistics raised $26 million and invested it in Dorian LPG Ltd., a shipping company incorporated last year in the Marshall Islands to […]