What Do Republican Presidential Candidates Care About?

Republican Campaign Rhetoric

Steve Hochstadt: Despite the talk of bringing Americans together, these Republicans disdained the majority of Americans who voted for President Obama as deluded or even stupid. We can expect 11 months more of such rhetoric until the Republican National Convention in July 2016.

Bernie and the Public Good

Sanders Social Order

Frank Fear: Sanders isn’t talking about change via a policy here, a program there. He’s talking about re-scripting the social order.

Bernie’s Soaring Support

Bernie Soars

Justin Chapman: More than 27,500 people filled the Los Angeles Memorial Sports Arena and its overflow area to hear the 73-year-old firebrand senator from Vermont lay out his vision for a “grassroots political revolution” to “transform the United States of America.”

Sanders to the Second Power

symone sanders

Tom Hastings: Symone Sanders blasted it over the fence in her eight minutes on the most divisive issue facing the nation and the Sanders campaign—violence against unarmed African Americans.

Bread and Circuses

Trump Card

Michael T. Hertz: The monied oligarchy does whatever it can to create circuses, dole out portions of bread, and leave most of society hanging in limbo while those with money tend to their yachts, play golf, and control everything they can.

Let California Pick the Next President

California Primary

Joe Mathews: The Central Coast is growing heart-healthy fruits and vegetables. And having candidates and voters drinking lots of California wine is probably the only way today’s crazy American politics could begin to make sense.

Is Trump the Steve Martin or the Zsa Zsa Gabor of American Politics?

donald trump crazy

Peter Dreier: Reporters and editors are stuck in the herd psychology of covering Trump like he’s a serious candidate, when what he really is—a celebrity candidate, the way that Kim Kardashian is a celebrity on TV. She has no talent and nothing to say, but she’s famous for being famous.

Bernie Rattles Hillary—and The Donald!

Bernie Rattles Hillary

Brent Budowsky: For more evidence that American politics is engaged in the summer of Sanders and not the summer of Trump, witness the fun and fascinating events that unfolded on Wednesday.

Trump 2016: Archie Bunker Runs for President

Donald Trump Buffoon

Lawrence Rosenthal: His speech has brought an element of the coarse, the bellicose, the unprincipled, which is a qualitative leap beyond the feisty maleducated discourse we have become familiar with among Tea Party candidates.