Obama On Target: Time for Mandatory Voting

Mandatory Voting

-+*John Wellingtom Ennis: Mandatory voting would be the beginning of the end of racial polarization as a means for turnout. Once our elections are not being decided by extremists driven by single issues, our elected leaders will reflect the American people.

The Anarcho-GOP

GOP Craziness

-+*Tina Dupuy: They may fly a banner of the tea party Gadsden Flag with a snake coiled ready to attack but their snake would be more accurately depicted as eating itself. When Republicans get what they want then they no longer want that—they want something else!!

Will Hillary Be Nominated?

Hillary Nominated

-+*Michael Hertz: Some speculate now that the email scandal may be the event that decides her not to run for president. But if she does decide, the risk is that these sorts of scandals will continue to emerge, eventually causing voters to turn away from her.

Why Condi Won’t Run

Draft Condoleezza Rice

-+*Nia-Malika Hendrson: The ‘Draft Condoleezza Rice for [fill in the blank office]’ movement will never ever die. And with an open Senate seat in California in 2016, the unquenchable desire among Republicans for candidate Rice has an actual office that she could run for in sight.

Who Is Sandra Siraganian?

Sandra Siraganian

-+*Robert Niles: Why is a high-roller GOP player from Vegas and downtown LA dropping a grand on a Pasadena school board candidate?

Can Hillary Be a Liberal Reagan?

Hillary Clinton Ahead

-+*Brent Budowsky: The great opportunity for Clinton is to become the first woman president while also becoming a liberal Ronald Reagan: a conviction politician who stands for progressivism, a competent chief executive who believes in governing and a skilled negotiator with opponents at home and leaders abroad.

Romney’s Out, So What Happens to “Mitt”?

romney parody

-+*Frank Schaffer: The parody was intended for its initial performance on the night Romney accepted the nomination. We had a 21-piece pit orchestra and a Tampa little theater group, which was performing Mame that spring, lined up for the performance.

Mitch McConnell’s Bogus Ads Take Cake

McConnell Stops Campaign Finance Reform

-+*Berry Craig: “Best mail piece for a bare-knuckled street fight” was one of the categories the McConnell mailer won. Just the category’s name speaks volumes about the state of American politics.

Ladies and Gentlemen, Start Your Clown Cars

President Sarah Palin

-+*Tom Degan: President Sarah Palin? Relax. Even the American people wouldn’t be stupid enough that blithering imbecile to the White House. Ain’t never gonna happen. President Ted Cruz? That’s a different story.

When Recall Becomes Necessary

Assemblymember Patty Lopez

-+*Rosemary Jenkins: It has become obvious, almost from the start, that Patty Lopez (who won by less than 500 votes in the General Election but had lost by more than 30% in the Primary) is unqualified to fill that seat.

Mitch Just Getting Started

McConnell Stops Campaign Finance Reform

-+*Joseph Palermo: McConnell always despised limits on political spending. He understands that the more money flowing into our nation’s politics means more Republicans elected and his own power enhanced.