US Politics Arrive in UK

FRank Luntz

Denis Campbell: It was a brilliant political strategy. The Tories (like US Republicans) know FEAR of extremism of any kind, in relatively good economic times, can be a powerful motivator. Find the right mantra, ride it to victory.

Ms. Identity Politics

Carly Fiorina For President

ormer Hewlett-Packard CEO Carly Fiorina announced this week she’s running for president. She’s not the first woman ever to dive into the GOP’s Also-Ran Industrial Complex and (wink) attempt to become the (wink, wink) next president of the United States. Congresswoman Michele Bachmann won the Iowa Straw Poll last time around. So far, Carly’s the […]

It’s Simple. It’s Rovian. And It’s Back

Karl Rove

Larry Wines: Expect the coming week to bring more unchallenged repetitions by GOP operatives of the latest Rovian assertion – totally devoid of details – that America “can’t afford another four years of these failed liberal economic programs policies.”

The GOP’s Daddy Issues

Rand Paul Plagarist

Tina Dupuy: Apparently the tipping point in B-more needs to be met with boilerplate from people running for president. Blah blah moral code. Blah blah family structure. Blah blah idle blather tax cuts Benghazi Monica Lewinsky ISIS.

Run, Bernie, Run

Bernie Sanders Running

Michael T. Hertz: Bernie Sanders could use his “beat the billionaires” campaign with the two most likely Republican nominees, while Hillary could not because of her own money ties. But Rubio and Bernie share one quality: neither have a lot of personal wealth.

Hillary Clinton, Go to Hell!

Hillary Clinton Attacks

John MacMurray: And to her credit, through all these years of insinuation and insult, Mrs. Clinton has responded with grace and intelligence; and maybe a little weary “here we go again” attitude.

Voteria $25,000 Voter Participation Cash Prize

Bennett Kayser Ref Rodriguez

$25,000.00 Cash Prize for a Lucky Voter! L.A.’s Kids Win Big! SVREP Announces a Voter Participation Drawing – LAUSD Board District 5 Election For More Information:  Mario Solis-Marich  323-417-1152 April 20, 2015 For Immediate Release: 8am Monday, April 20, 2015 Southwest Voter Registration Education  Project (SVREP), a nonprofit charitable organization dedicated to increasing voter participation, announced […]

Marco Rubio’s Flat Earth Minstrelsy

Marco Rubio Candidacy

Sikivu Hutchinson: Banking on his bright-eyed, bushy-tailed persona and Latino heritage, Rubio’s brownface antics are offensive to millions of undocumented, working class people of color who see nothing but nativist anti-immigrant hysteria and capitalist greed oozing from the GOP’s platform.

Hell and Hillary

Supporting Hillary Clinton

HIlton Obenzinger: I do not expect wonderful changes with Hillary – but I do expect openings, possibilities for pressure and results that won’t exist with President Jeb or Cruz or any of the other clowns.

Side Effects: Popping Pills and Pop-Up Politicoes

Will Bernie Sanders Run

Gary Corseri: Wasn’t there supposed to be a “War on Drugs”? Pinch me awake, but I’m guessing that we Baby Boomers lost… because it’s pretty clear that drugs—especially the “legal” ones—have proliferated in the heart of the Empire the way drones have darkened the skies over Afghanistan, Pakistan and all the little stans.